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Unlock Your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with UnlockMaker’s Reliable and Free Activation Lock Removal Service

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Please choose the problem you are facing

iCloud Activation Lock

We can help you unlock your iPhone,
iPad or Apple Watch if it is Locked to the Owner, has an Activation or iCloud Lock. Our iCloud Unlock Service is free and can be used on any iOS version.

Blacklist or Bad ESN

Remove restrictions on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch if it has been blacklisted or has a bad ESN. Our Unblacklist Tool can permanently remove these restrictions.

SIM not Supported
and Carrier Lock

SIM not Supported and Carrier LockUse any SIM card on your iPhone or iPad with this Unlocker, if you see an error message saying "SIM not supported", "no network", or any other issue this app can help.

Reasons to choose UnlockMaker

Free of Charge

Starting from January 2021, our valued service is now being offered completely free of charge.

Supports all devices

Remove activation lock from any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Several Options

We can help with various issues including iCloud Activation Lock, carrier blacklisting, bad ESN, and even IMEI blacklisting.

Fully Functional

iCloud services, updates, and calls work as normal. Your device is fully functional.

Unlocked Quick

Unlock your device in less than 5 minutes from any country.

Warranty & Support

Warranty and Support of your Device Remains as before.

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Unlock your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch from the Comfort of your Browser

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Got an iCloud Activation Locked iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch? Everyone gets how annoying that feels, especially when you’re dying to use that device for something crucial. Enter! Our Online Service delivers for anyone wanting their gadget free from that tricky iCloud

Activation Lock. Place an order, and our squad dives straight into liberating your Apple treasure, ensuring it’s ready for action right after our touch. Totally gnarly, right?


I had an iPhone 11 that was locked and had been sitting in a drawer for two years after I accidentally locked it and lost the receipt. These guys managed to unlock it for me! Their service was incredible, and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend them. 10/10!


Sophie S. - Customer

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Unlocking your iPhone from the iCloud Activation Lock screen on your own can be very difficult, but we know how to do this QUICKLY and even for FREE!

We offer Factory iCloud Removal Services and iPhone & iPad Blacklist/Bad ESN Removals that are permanent

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This means you can delete the old iCloud ID from your device. After we do this, you will have a new iCloud address and use your phone as if it was brand new. This is an iCloud
Unlock Service where we will remotely remove icloud activation lock from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

You can do this in just a few minutes via our website and get instant access to it for free! Be careful with other unlocking services that charge high fees because you’ll never know what they’re going to do on the device before charging you.

With UnlockMaker, there are no surprises – only icloud unlocks done right by experts of their job who also offer factory icloud removals at any time if needed!

We have been providing iCloud Activation Lock Removal Services since 2012 and during these years we have gained experience which means that now anyone can use and enjoy.

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Does UnlockMaker’s iCloud Unlock work on my specific device?

Here’s a list of our most popular models:

Our Unlock is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and any iOS version. Even if you have an older model, we can help! We offer unlocking services for all models of iPhone, as well as for any other model with an active iCloud Lock

Are iCloud Unlocks Legal?