Fix iPhone XS Locked to Owner: iPhone XS/Max Unlock

Looking for a method to fix iPhone XS locked to owner? Then look no further. Designed as a user-friendly app, UnlockMaker offers an effective iPhone XS iCloud unlock service to give you full access to your mobile phone. It’s fast, easy, works with XS or Max models, and guarantees 100% success even if you don’t have any tech knowledge.


Continue reading this informative piece to learn what UnlockMaker is, how it can benefit you, and under which scenarios it may be helpful. We will also walk you through the process of using it to solve the iCloud activation lock problem.

All About UnlockMaker — What is It?

UnlockMaker is a free app designed to unlock all iPhone devices like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The application is fairly straightforward, allowing you to unlock your mobile phone from the comfort of your home.

It’s also fast, as it requires only 20 minutes of your time to solve the iPhone XS iCloud activation lock problem.

With UnlockMaker, you don’t have to be an expert or pay any money at all. It’s available worldwide, and it keeps your data safe at all times to guarantee your security.

Why Is My iPhone XS Locked?

Why is my iPhone XS Locked to Owner

Different circumstances may lead to your iPhone XS triggering the iCloud activation lock. For example:

  • You bought a secondhand iPhone XS, and it was already blocked when you got it.
  • You received the phone as a gift, but the former owner didn’t remove the previous iCloud account, and you don’t have access to it.
  • You replaced a broken iPhone screen, which turned on the iCloud activation lock screen,
  • You jailbreak or reset the iPhone XS, and now you can’t remember the Apple ID.
  • You found a lost iPhone XS.

These are the most likely scenarios in which you may have a locked iPhone XS. Luckily, UnlockMaker works for all of those problems.

Benefits of Using UnlockMaker iPhone XS Remove iCloud Tool

Benefits of Using UnlockMaker

You’re probably wondering what makes UnlockMaker different, and it’s a fair question. Let us showcase some of the benefits it will provide for you while using it to unlock your iPhone XS.

Quick iPhone Unlock

UnlockMaker takes around 20 minutes to unlock your iPhone XS, following a series of steps that anyone can complete. No experience required, no technical knowledge, and no money paid.

Remote Functionality

Forget about taking your iPhone to Apple offices. With UnlockMaker, you can unlock the iPhone from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to ship the phone anywhere, allowing you to create a new login ID anywhere around the world.

A Safe Operation

Don’t risk the safety of your phone or personal data by trusting your iPhone to unreliable parties. When you use UnlockMaker, all of your data remains safe, and all of the iPhone’s features are accessible afterward.

Complete Access

Unlike typical iPhone XS Bypass iCloud tools that only give you partial access to your phone, UnlockMaker unlocks the system completely. Therefore, it’s better than using a suspicious tool to bypass iCloud activation lock.

It Works with iPhone Max too!

The app works with every iPhone XS iteration, including the Max models. It’s definitely the ultimate solution to keep your iPhone device unlocked regardless of its model and version.

How to Fix iPhone XS Locked to Owner?

With UnlockMaker readily available, you can begin the iPhone XS iCloud unlock by following these steps.

Step 1: Provide Your Name & Email

Once you have UnlockMaker, start the process by loading it. In the first window, you must provide your real name and an active email address. This information must be correct to prevent any problem while completing the iCloud locked iPhone unlock process. Click on next to continue.

Open the iPhone XS Activation Lock Removal

Disclaimer: We do not condone using this app to unlock stolen property.

Step 2: Provide Device Info

In this section, you must choose “Any iPhone” on device type to confirm you’re unlocking the iPhone XS. Then, choose IMEI as the method to identify the mobile, and click on next to proceed to the next step.

Select Any Device to Unlock your iPhone XS Locked To Owner

Step 3: Provide The iPhone XS IMEI Number

Now, you must submit your iPhone’s IMEI code. Here’s how you can find it if you don’t have it at hand.

How to view IMEI and Serial Number on Activation Locked Device
  • Head to the iPhone XS activation lock screen, and press the sleep button on the right side.
  • Push the sleep/wake button. Then, tap on the “I” found on the bottom right corner to restart the phone.
  • The IMEI and SN codes should be visible now. Copy the IMEI number, and provide it in the UnlockMaker app. Then click next.
Enter your iPhone XS IMEI

Step 4: Generate Your Own iCloud Account to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone XS

After you have enter the IMEI number of your iPhone XS, click “Create Login ID” to generate your iCloud Unlock ID. In this step, the Unlock App will produce an exclusive Dummy ID for your device to be unlocked.

Generate Login Details for your iPhone XS

Step 5: Use the New Login ID to Unlock iCloud Lock on iPhone XS

And now you are in the final step of unlocking your iPhone XS device. Check your email. The app will send you a link and you should click that to get your generated Login ID.

Now you will be directed to a page wherein you will see the Dummy ID. With the login ID created, copy it and use it on the Apple ID box. This should unlock the iPhone XS, which you can now use freely.

Enter the Unlock ID into your iPhone XS

Final Words

Your iPhone XS is Unlocked from iCloud Lock

If you need a way to fix iPhone XR locked to owner, UnlockMaker is the tool for you. This app offers an intuitive interface, easy steps, and a free process.

It also works with all iPhones regardless of model or iOS version, and you can use it from home. Start using UnlockMaker now, and don’t let the iCloud lock feature keep you from enjoying state-of-the-art Apple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes some of the most frequently asked questions on how to Fix iPhone XS Locked to Owner.

What is Activation Lock?

Apple devices have a security feature called Activation Lock. It is a lock to make sure that the device is safe and secure from people who plans to reactivate the device, especially if the phone was stolen or lost.

How can I know if my iPhone is Unlocked?

Your iPhone is unlocked when you don’t see the Locked to Owner message to your device screen. If your iPhone doesn’t require you to enter your Apple ID Password, that means your iPhone is unlocked from the Activation Lock feature of iOS devices.

Can an iPhone be Locked after being Unlocked?

The answer for that is YES. Even after your iPhone is Unlocked, your iPhone can still be Locked if you turn on again the Activation Lock feature of your iPhone device.

Where can I Unlock my iPhone device?

To Unlock your iPhone, use UnlockMaker, an iCloud Unlocking App. It is an online application wherein you can unlock any iOS devices regardless of its model and version. To start unlocking your iPhone device, open the Unlocking Wizard online, then a form will be given to you for you to fill in. Just provide the necessary details to proceed with the Unlocking process. It will only take you less than 20 minutes for you to finish the Unlock, as the steps are very easy to follow.

How to Remove the Locked to Owner message from my iPhone XS?

If you wish to remove the Locked to Owner message from your iPhone XS, you can contact the previous owner of the device to help you Unlock your iPhone. In case you can’t contact the previous owner, you can get assistance from Apple Support. Just send an Activation Lock support request, and wait for their response. You can also use UnlockMaker for you to Unlock your iPhone XS. If you’re wondering how to use UnlockMaker, simply go to the official website, and fill in all the relevant information needed by the app. After you have followed all the instructions, you will instantly and permanently unlock your iPhone device.