Fix iPhone X Locked to Owner: Phone X Unlock

The iPhone X is a magnificent Apple device that sadly suffers from the iCloud activation lock. It’s an issue that happens very often, and you may deal with it when you buy a secondhand iPhone or receive it as a gift. Alternatively, you may have just forgotten the Apple ID password, locking the phone and keeping you from using it.


In any case, the iCloud activation lock has got to go, and no other tool is better to fix iPhone X locked to owner than UnlockMaker. UnlockMaker offers quick unlocks for any iPhone device by following simple steps. It takes about 20 minutes max, and the success rate is 100% guaranteed.

What Is UnlockMaker? — Learning the Basics

UnlockMaker is an iPhone X unlock application that doesn’t charge you any money or require any expertise to use. It’s the alternative to the outdated iPhone iCloud unlock service that compromises your data or only gives you half access to the mobile’s features.

With UnlockMaker, you can unlock any iPhone device by following eight simple steps. It’s fast, easy, and super convenient, as you can use it to unlock the iCloud lock from home.

By offering worldwide functionality, this app is the ultimate iPhone unlock tool for every Apple enthusiast anywhere around the world.

Reasons Why Your iPhone Device is Locked

Why is my iPhone X Locked to Owner

You need UnlockMaker if the iCloud activation lock keeps you from using your mobile to its full capacity. Many reasons can trigger the iPhone activation lock, and we recommend this app if:

  • You forgot your own iCloud account and password.
  • You bought a second hand iPhone X, and the former owner forgot to remove the previous iCloud account.
  • A family member or friend gifted the iPhone X to you, but you don’t remember the iCloud password.
  • Someone performed a jailbreak, reset, or replaced a broken iPhone screen, triggering the iCloud activation lock screen.
  • You found a lost iPhone X.

If you’re going through any of those scenarios, UnlockMaker is the solution you need.

Benefits of Using UnlockMaker iPhone X Remove iCloud

Benefits of Using UnlockMaker

Here’s what UnlockMaker has to offer for your iPhone X:

Fast and Easy Unlocks

Unlocking your iPhone X using UnlockMaker takes approximately 20 minutes max. From start to finish, the procedure goes smoothly to guarantee easy unlocks for every iPhone device.

Universal iPhone X iCloud Unlock

UnlockMaker is an app that works with all iPhone devices regardless of the model and iOS version. It’s also available worldwide, allowing you to unlock your iPhone X from anywhere around the world.

Free iPhone X iCloud Unlock Service

UnlockMaker removes the iPhone X’s iCloud restrictions without putting your data in jeopardy. It’s a free tool that guarantees total liberation of the iCloud locked iPhone to use the iOS device as you wish.

Full Access

UnlockMaker is not a tool to bypass iCloud activation lock. When you bypass iCloud lock, you don’t get full access to the phone’s features.

Instead, UnlockMaker removes all restrictions within iOS to give you complete control of your phone, making it better than iPhone X Bypass iCloud tools.

How to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone X Using UnlockMaker

Follow these steps to guarantee that the iCloud activation lock is a problem of the past:

Step 1: Provide Your Real Name and Email Address

Begin the process by opening the UnlockMaker app and letting it load fully. To start the process, you must provide your real name and an active email address. Make sure everything is right and click on next.

Open the iPhone X Activation Lock Removal

Disclaimer: We do not condone using this app to unlock stolen property.

Step 2: Choose the Device to Unlock

The app will take you to another section, in which you’ll find a list of devices to unlock. Continue by choosing “Any iPhone” to confirm you wish to unlock the iPhone X. Then, mark the IMEI box, the number UnlockMaker uses to identify your device. Click next.

Select Any Device to Unlock your iPhone X Locked To Owner

Step 3: Provide Your iPhone X IMEI Number

To continue with the process, provide the IMEI number of your iPhone X, which UnlockMaker uses to generate the new credentials.

Enter your iPhone X IMEI

 If you don’t know it, here’s how you can find it out:

How to view IMEI and Serial Number on Activation Locked Device
  • Go to the iPhone X activation lock screen, and press the sleep button found on the right side.
  • Press the sleep/wake button, and tap the “i” on the bottom right corner. It will restart the iPhone.
  • You should see the IMEI number and SN now. Please write it down, and input it in the UnlockMaker app. Click on next.

Step 4: Generate Login Details to Remove iPhone X iCloud Activation Lock

After entering the IMEI of your iPhone device, click on “Create Login ID”. Our iCloud Activation Lock Removal tool will generate an Unlock ID for you to unlock your device.

Generate Login Details for your iPhone X

Step 5: Use the New ID to Unlock iCloud Lock on iPhone X

And for the last step, you will receive a message in your email from UnlockMaker. Click the link to get your newly generated Login ID. Now that you have the new login ID, you can use it on the Apple ID box to unlock the iPhone X. Once you do, the iPhone will be ready to use and free of limitations.

Enter the Unlock ID into your iPhone X

Final Words

Your iPhone X is Unlocked from iCloud Lock

If you need to fix iPhone X Locked to Owner, UnlockMaker is capable of doing just that. The app is super easy to use and doesn’t require tech knowledge, guaranteeing total success for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to some common questions from our customers on how to Remove the Locked to Owner message from iPhone X.

Can you Unlock an iPhone if you are not the Original Owner?

There are several ways on how you can Unlock an iPhone even without the previous owner. One of the best ways to Unlock your device is to use UnlockMaker. This web app can be access through online. If you wish to use it, you won’t be charged any cent. This iCloud Unlock Service is very convenient to use, and you won’t have any difficulty in Unlocking your iPhone device.

Can Someone use a Locked iPhone?

Someone can use a Locked iPhone if he has the Apple ID Password. If not, you can use iCloud Lock Removal Tools online. If you want a Trusted Unlocking App, we highly recommend you use UnlockMaker. You can Unlock your device Safely with no worries.

Do I need to Unlock my iPhone to use all it Features?

Yes, you should Unlock your iPhone first before you can use all its features. Unlocked iPhone can’t be use if you don’t have the Apple Login details. If you wish to Unlock your iPhone so that you can use all its features, you can use our free iCloud Unlock Service. Simply open the Unlocking Wizard, and provide all the required details to successfully Unlock your iPhone device. Don’t worry! The steps are straightforward, and it will only take you a few minutes to finish the Unlocking process.

How to Remove Activation Lock without Owner’s Account?

If you don’t have the Apple Login data to Unlock your Locked device, you can use online Activation Lock removal tools. One of the best iCloud Unlocking app on the internet is UnlockMaker. To start Unlocking your iPhone using this web app, visit the website and you will be directed to a form wherein you will provide your Name, a Valid Email Address, and your device IMEI Number. To successfully unlock your iPhone, you must follow all the instructions and give all the relevant information.

How to Bypass iPhone X Locked to Owner?

To help you bypass iPhone X Locked to Owner, you can use our Unlocking app. You don’t need to download it because you can access it online. To start with your Unlocking process, just open the app, and wait for it to load. Then a new section will show a form for you to fill in. Just provide the necessary information for you to Permanently and Safely Unlock your iPhone X Locked to Owner.