Fix iPhone X Locked to Owner: Phone X Unlock

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably had that gut-sinking feeling of staring at an iPhone X locked to owner message. Bummer, right? But don’t flip out just yet! There’s hope for your sleek device. Sometimes tech gets all moody, and this particular iPhone X hiccup is more common than you’d think. Stick around, and we’ll dive into the maze of why this happens and, most importantly, how to kick that pesky lockout to the curb. Ready to be the hero of your iPhone X’s day? Let’s roll!

What Makes the iPhone X Get Locked to Its Owner?

Reasons Why Your iPhone X is Locked

After diving into the nitty-gritty of the iPhone X locked to owner problem, you’re probably thinking, the reasons behind the message on your locked screen. Let’s unravel that knot. Whether it’s a case of forgotten passwords or a second-hand iPhone that came with extra baggage, there are several ways your iPhone can get tangled up in this lockout mess. Buckle up, as we break down the most common culprits that lock your iPhone X to an owner. Ready? Let’s get into it!

iCloud Activation Lock

Ever wonder why your iPhone might be giving you those cold digital shoulders? One major culprit is the iCloud Activation Lock. It’s a security feature Apple whipped up to make sure lost or stolen devices don’t end up in the wrong hands. Handy? Yes! Annoying when you don’t expect it? Absolutely.

Second-Hand Reset Issues

Got your hands on a pre-loved iPhone X? If you hit the reset button without the previous owner’s consent, bam! You might find your phone display that locked to owner message. It’s Apple’s way of making sure you’re not meddling with someone else’s digital life.

iCloud Sign-out Oversight

You bought a second-hand iPhone, and everything seemed just peachy. But surprise! The previous owner forgot to sign out of their iCloud, and now the iPhone X locked to owner saga unfolds. A classic tale of tech oversight!

Forgotten iCloud Password

We’ve all been there: memory blanks! If you’re nodding along because you forgot your iCloud password and then decided to reset your device, you’ve basically landed yourself into the iPhone X locked to owner dilemma.

Mental note: Always remember your passwords, or at least, where you wrote them down.

Stolen Device Purchase

Ouch! If you, unknowingly or otherwise, bought an iPhone that had a history of being snatched away, your new device might scream iPhone X locked to owner. It’s a sad dance of unfortunate events, but Apple’s just trying to keep things on the straight and narrow.

Ways to Fix an iPhone X Locked to Owner Message

Methods to Fix iPhone X Locked to Owner

Whether it’s a forgotten password or an iCloud mishap, the frustration is real. But hey, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. We’re about to dive into some nifty tricks and methods that’ll help you crack the iPhone X locked to owner puzzle. Strap in and get ready to reclaim your iPhone X!

Method 1. Contact the Seller

Often, the simplest solutions are the most effective. Before diving into technical hacks or third-party tools, reaching out to the device’s previous owner might just be the golden ticket to solve this iPhone X locked to owner message.

Step 1: Gather Key Device Details

You’re on a mission! First things first, arm yourself with crucial info. Jot down the iPhone’s serial number, IMEI number, and dust off any receipts or docs that prove you’re the legit owner. This will be your trusty toolkit.

Step 2: Locate the Seller’s Contact Info

You’ve got the tools, now find the expert. Whether it’s an email, a phone number, or even an old chat, hunting down the seller’s contact details is your next step. Remember, always tread with respect and patience.

Step 3: Discuss the Issue Openly

Once you’ve established contact, honesty is the best policy. Clearly lay out the iPhone X Locked to Owner issue, emphasizing your genuine need for help. A calm, understanding approach goes a long way.

Step 4: Un-link the iPhone from the Seller’s iCloud

Okay, game plan time! With the seller on board, here’s a step-by-step to free your iPhone:

  1. Head to and login.
  2. Spot “Find iPhone”? Click it!
  3. Choose your locked iPhone from the list.
  4. Hit “Erase.”
  5. Once it’s squeaky clean, click on “Remove from Account.”
    Voilà! Your iPhone X should be yours again, without any pesky locks.
iPhone X Remove from Account

There you have it, a road map to reclaiming your iPhone from its locked state. Remember, sometimes it’s not about tech wizardry but just good old communication.

Method 2. Fast Unlock with Unlock Maker

Let’s shift gears and explore another route. Enter Unlock Maker. Renowned for its speed and the sweet price tag of zilch, this tool promises a hassle-free detour from the locked maze of your iPhone. It’s almost like having a digital locksmith on standby, ready to spring into action. Before you dive in, let’s walk you through the essential steps to set your iPhone X free with Unlock Maker. Ready to roll?

Step 1: Starting the Unlocking Journey

Step 1 Initiating the Unlock Process 7

Before the magic unfolds, take the first step by clicking the button below.

Disclaimer: We do not condone using this app to remove the iCloud activation lock feature on stolen property. If you believe there’s something sketchy with an iPhone you recently bought, make sure to act accordingly and contact the authorities.

Step 2: Providing Personal Information

Step 2 Entering Your Details 7

It’s all about the specifics here. Plug in your name and email. Accuracy is your best bud now. Why? Because if there’s a problem or an update, you need those emails to sail straight into your inbox. Oh, and a quick side note – ensure you give those Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy a good glance. Ticked those boxes? Sweet! Onward.

Step 3: Device and IMEI Selection

Step 3 Choosing Your Device and IMEI 8

Decision time! You’ll see a lineup:

Since we’re breaking out of the iPhone X locked to owner jail, go for “Any iPhone”. You’ll spot two options: IMEI and Serial Number. To keep things simple, we’re going with IMEI.

Quick trivia – while every iPhone boasts an IMEI, only cellular-equipped iPads and Apple Watches flaunt one. No IMEI? No worries, just go with Serial Number.

Step 4: Finding and Submitting Your IMEI/Serial Number

Step 4 Locating and Inputting IMEI or Serial Number 7

Not sure where your IMEI is chilling? No stress, here’s a comprehensive guide:

Find IMEI iPhone X
  1. Head over to the activation lock screen of that pesky iPhone X locked to owner.
  2. Give the sleep button a quick nudge.
  3. Now, a combo move: press the sleep/wake button and tap the tiny (i) icon lounging at the bottom right.
  4. Your iPhone will get a mini reboot.
  5. And voilà, IMEI and Serial Number in plain sight.

Jot down the IMEI, feed it to Unlock Maker, and hit “Next”.

Step 5: Generating Your Login Credentials

Step 5 Generating Your Login ID 7

Almost there! A few taps away from freedom. See that “Create Login ID” button? Give it a click. Your gateway to unlocking your iPhone X awaits.

Step 6: Validating Your Email for the Unlock

Step 6 Email Confirmation for Unlocking 8

The email you punched in earlier? It’s not just for show. It’s your golden ticket, your hotline to further instructions if they come knocking. Double-check and confirm it. It’s the bridge between Unlock Maker and your iPhone X locked to owner solution.

Step 7: Watching the Tutorial and Getting Your LogIn ID

Step 7 Following Video Tutorial and ID Retrieval 10

Last leg! Watch the video tutorial to be properly guided. Done? Enter the CAPTCHA (no bots allowed!) and hit “Download LogIn ID”. A handy PDF will dart into your downloads. That file contains your login credentials. Once you key them in, your iPhone X is reborn. Updates, apps, calls, the whole iPhone experience—it is now free to be all it can be!

Precaution and Tips

iPhone X Pre Caution and Tips 1

Navigating the iPhone world is both thrilling and tricky, especially when unforeseen troubles like the iPhone X locked to owner message pop up. It’s not just about fixing the issue once it appears, but more about preventing it. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and preventive steps can make your iPhone experience smoother. Here’s a few tips to keep your device hassle-free.

Always Update iOS

Every time Apple rolls out an update, they aren’t just offering new features. These updates often contain bug fixes and improved security features which can prevent many common issues including the locked to owner message. Regularly updating your iPhone ensures you’re always a step ahead of potential problems.

Double-Check Before Buying Second-Hand

If you’re thinking of getting a pre-loved iPhone, always ensure it’s not tied to the previous owner’s iCloud account. Ask them to remove it from their account or reset it in front of you. This will save you from future headaches and the whole iPhone X locked to owner ordeal.

Maintain Regular Backups

Backups aren’t just for data loss. If ever you get stuck with your iPhone X locked to owner, having a recent backup can be a lifesaver. It lets you reset your device and restore your data without much fuss.