Fix iPhone XR Locked to Owner: iPhone XR Unlock

Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone XR with our online iCloud Unlock Service. If you have been struggling to Remove Activation Lock from your iPhone XR device, we got good news for you. Using UnlockMaker’s Web App tool you will be able to remove any Apple ID linked to the previous owner in a safe way. We have specialized on unlocking iOS devices and made it our mission to provide the best iCloud Unlock Service. UnlockMaker is the best solution to get rid of your iPhone XR Locked to Owner message screen once and for all. This great tool works on iPhone XR, but also on any other iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.


How to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone XR

 To begin your iCloud Unlock, use our Unlock Wizard. Enter your Name and Email Address to start unlocking your iPhone XR.

Open the iPhone XR Activation Lock Removal

Confirm the device you want to unlock (in this example, an iPhone) and then pick IMEI. Because all iPhones come with an IMEI, this choice is essential; however, certain iPads and Apple Watches do not. Click the appropriate links for a guide on the Apple Watch, iPod, or iPad.

After you’ve made your choice, press “Next.”

Select Any Device to Unlock your iPhone XR Locked To Owner

Now type in your iPhone’s IMEI. If you already have it, wonderful; nevertheless, many consumers are unfamiliar with how to locate their IMEI, so here’s a brief overview:

How to view IMEI and Serial Number on Activation Locked Device
  • Head over the activation lock screen on your iPhone XR and press the sleep button on the right side of your iOS device.
  • Restart the smartphone by pushing the sleep/wake button and tapping the (i) in the bottom right corner.
  • You can see your IMEI as well as your SN there. Simply take your IMEI in this situation.

Continue by tapping “NEXT” after entering the IMEI into the UnlockMaker app.

Enter your iPhone XR IMEI

Great! You’ve come this far, and you’re almost there. You are now ready to Generate Login Details, as you can see. This implies that a Dummy ID has been produced for your device and IMEI, which will completely and safely remove your iCloud account. Click “Create Login ID” to proceed to the last step of iCloud Lock Unlocking process.

Generate Login Details for your iPhone XR

You will receive an email from UnlockMaker. Click the link provided and you should be sent to a page wherein you can get your iCloud Login ID.

Enter the Unlock ID into your iPhone XR

As you can notice, a Dummy ID iCloud Account has been created and is now blacked out, allowing you to permanently, safely, and reliably unlock your iPhone. To see your ID, you must watch the video first to unblock your ID. Proceed with the iCloud Unlock by entering this into the Apple ID box on your Activation Locked device.

You may now continue forward, complete the remainder of the setup as normal, and you’re done!

Your iPhone XR is Unlocked from iCloud Lock

As you can see, our Amazing Free iCloud Unlock Service here at has totally unlocked your iPhone XR.

Why Should I Use UnlockMaker?

Reasons Why You Should Use UnlockMaker

We offer the fastest service when in comes to removing the activation lock from your iPhone XR. Whether you forgot the password or you bought an used iPhone off of the internet, we got the right solution for you.

Supports major iOS upgrade

We are constantly checking the latest version on iOS, our online software can support and handle new updates so iOS users do not have to worry about any major update.

Comaptible Worldwide

If you are looking to disable activation lock remotely regardless of your location, we got the right tool for you. This service works from any type of devices and locations. This tool is proven to work in the USA, Canada, France and all countries across the world. Start using your device in a matter of minute with our service.

Access our App on Any Device

Our tool is made for anyone to use it, all you need is a computer, mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection or data. There is no excuse to use our service. Try it now it is risk-free!

Does it compromise any security feature?

No, once you remove activation lock from your device it will work as brand new. Nothing will be internally change and all Dummy ID do not contain any private information from any new or previous owner.

Do I need any special settings after the Activation Lock Removal?

No, simply enter a new Apple ID and password to your device. When you remove the activation lock with UnlockMaker you will be able to do anything as if you just bought it from the store.

Is this an iCloud Bypass?

No, when you bypass iCloud Activation Lock you are just accessing the device with limited features. UnlockMaker guarantees a full unlock and you will not be simply bypassing iCloud Activation Lock.

Unlock your iPhone XR with UnlockMaker!

There is no excuse now not to get the iCloud Activation Lock removed from your device. This process takes less than 20 minutes once you read an understand all the instructions. We want to remark that UnlockMaker also works on any other iOS devices such as iPod, iPad and any other model of iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some answers to your concerns on how to Fix iPhone XR Locked to Owner? This section may serve as a way for you to instantly get the questions you may have.

What does it mean by Activation Lock?

Activation Lock protects iOS devices from someone who wants to reactivate the device without the permission of the owner. It automatically turns on if the owner set up the “Find My” function of his device.

Is there an Activation Lock feature to all iPhone models?

Yes, all iPhone models have this feature. Even the iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch has the Activation Lock feature regardless of its model and version.

Can I Unlock my iPhone Locked to Owner without password?

You can Unlock your iPhone without password using our Unlocking app. It is a free iCloud Unlock Service that will Permanently and Safely remove the Locked to Owner message from your device screen.

Where can I seek help if my iPhone device is Locked?

If you’re having trouble Unlocking your iPhone, you may contact Apple to give you assistance in Unlocking your iOS device. You can also use iCloud Unlocking apps that can be found online. UnlockMaker is the best iCloud Unlock Service that we can suggest. It is guaranteed that you can Unlock your device if you will follow all the instructions and provide the relevant details.

How to Unlock iPhone xr Locked to Owner?

By using UnlockMaker, you can Permanently Unlock your iPhone XR. Simply go to UnlockMaker’s official website and provide the necessary information. You don’t need to panic because you will only follow five simple steps for you to finish the Unlocking process.