This guide will show you how to Remove the iPhone Locked to Owner Message on iPhone 13 using our online iCloud unlock Service. Buyers of Second Hand iPhones or those who forgot their Login credentials are most affected by this issue. We made it out goal to assist people like you with an easy to use application in Unlocking their devices quick, easy and most importantly for free. Use our iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service that Permanently removes the Locked to Owner Message from your iPhone 13.

UnlockMaker is the best solution for permanent iCloud Unlock. UnlockMaker offers a 100% guaranteed iCloud account Unlock for iPhone 13 iCloud locked Unlocking is the act of removing any restrictions placed within iOS, usually by Apple itself, to ensure that only the user who purchased the phone will be able to use it. This process takes less than 5 minutes to read and understand all the instructions. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove the iCloud activation lock from your iCloud locked iPhone 13 in just five easy steps.

Remove Activation Lock From iPhone 13

The following method will also remove the iCloud account from your Apple device, whether it was a clean or blacklisted status.

Step 1: Select the locked iPhone 13

Use the Unlock Wizard to begin your locked iPhone iCloud account. After selecting the Any iPhone option, press the NEXT button.

(The first step is identical to the one you need to do for fixing the similar iPhone 11 iCloud activation lock issue.)

Select Device for Unlock

Step 2: Select iPhone Current State

Then, depending on the on screen instructions you selected in Step 1, click one of the following: “Clean,” “Marked Lost,” or “Unlocking Stolen Property” before checking the box “I will NOT use UnlockMaker to unlock stolen property.”

If the choice is Clean, click it. Make your choice properly, whether it is a lost iPhone, or the device is blacklisted. (Unlocking stolen property is not permitted; we cannot prevent you from doing so, but we respectfully request that you refrain from doing so.)

Confirming the Status of your Device is Crucial for your iCloud Unlock process.

Select the Status of your Device

Step 3: Confirm Whether you Can Connect the iCloud locked iPhone to WiFi

Tell us whether you can connect the device to WiFi, if you’re using a hotspot, or if you’re using a USB connection, and then hit “Update and Start Unlocker.”

Choose Connectivity Options and Start iCloud Unlocker

Step 4: Enter Device Information.

In addition, if you provide us with an incorrect owner’s email address or name, we will not be able to deliver unlock instructions. You must enter your name and email address in this step. Make sure you type the correct information for a response. Select “IMEI” after inputting IMEI into the Unlockmaker app. Then press “Next.”

Step 5: Generate Login Details

An iCloud Activation Lock Removal is Possible in this Case

You are now ready to Generate Login Details, as you can see. This implies that a Dummy Apple ID has been produced for your device and IMEI, which will completely and safely remove your iCloud account.

Entering Details into the UnlockMaker Form

Click “Create Login ID” after checking the box verifying that you understand the terms and conditions as well as the captcha. Verify you are not a robot and click on the “Create Login ID” button at the bottom to proceed.

Confirming your Device Selection

You should be sent to a page verifying the creation of your Dummy ID if everything went well. Check your IMEI (you could wind up with a non-working ID) and then click “Download Login ID.”

As you can notice, a Dummy ID iCloud Account has been created and is now blacked out, allowing you to permanently, safely, and reliably unlock your iPhone. You must first register for a free membership to see your Apple ID. It simply takes a few minutes (at most, it took me 5!) to do this. It’s also relatively simple to accomplish and won’t cost you anything.

Dummy ID Preview

Your Login ID will appear when you’ve input a valid sign-up code (we’ve masked it in the picture for privacy reasons, but it’ll display your unique ID there).

How to view Login ID

You may now continue forward, complete the remainder of the setup as normal, and you’re done!

Why Should I Use UnlockMaker?

There are several reasons why you should use UnlockMaker to remove the iCloud activation lock from your disabled iPhone 13.

Most Reliable and Efficient

UnlockMaker is the most reliable and efficient iCloud unlock solution available for many ios devices. Tens of thousands of people have successfully used it to unlock their iCloud-locked devices.

Easy of Use

UnlockMaker is easy to use and works with many IOS versions. The process to restore iPhone takes less than 20 minutes and is simple enough for even the most novice users to follow.

Supports major iOS upgrade

If you have an iCloud-locked device and are looking to upgrade to the latest iOS, UnlockMaker can help. UnlockMaker supports all major iOS upgrades, so you can easily unlock your device and upgrade to the newest version of iOS.

Compatible Worldwide

If you want to erase or disable activation lock from anywhere globally remotely, we have the proper tool for you. one can access this Service from various devices and locations. This tool has been demonstrated to operate in the United States, Canada, France, and others worldwide. With our Service, you may start using your device in less than a minute.

Access our App on any device

Unlock your iCloud locked iPhone 13 from the convenience of your own home using a computer USB cable and with UnlockMaker. Our App is compatible with various devices and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Unlock your device in minutes and upgrade to the latest iOS version today!

Reasons why the iPhone Gets Locked

There are several reasons why the iPhone gets locked in a manner that makes it impossible to use. The following are the most common reasons:

Forgetting the Apple ID iCloud Password

Your iPhone will be locked if you forget the Apple ID or iCloud password. This is due to security reasons so that your device cannot be used with an unknown Apple ID/password combination.

Updating/Jailbreaking Without Unlocking

An iPhone user might forget to unlock the ios device after updating or jailbreaking. This will lock the user out of the device, which cannot be used until unlocked.

Repairing/Replacing a Damaged Screen

The screen may get damaged if your iPhone falls while using it. This might lead to permanent damage and cause your device to get locked.

Also, a lost or stolen iPhone may get locked and reported to the police. The iCloud account linked to the device will be blocked, which will prevent the thief from accessing or using that device.

The reasons mentioned above are some of the most common ones that result in getting an iPhone locked. However, as mentioned, you can unlock iPhone using our iCloud unlock Service.

Does It Compromise Any Security Feature?

No, UnlockMaker does not compromise any security features on your iPhone 13. It is one of the most reliable and efficient iCloud unlock solutions available.

No, once you remove the activation lock from your device, it will work like brand new. Nothing will be internally changed, and all Dummy IDs do not contain any private information from any new or previous owner.

Do I Need Any Special Settings After the Activation Lock Removal?

After the Activation Lock Removal, you will not need any special settings. Unlock your device and continue using it as you usually would. Our Service is simple and easy to use, so you can have your device up and running in no time!

Is This an iCloud Bypass?

No, UnlockMaker is not an iCloud bypass. Unlock your iCloud locked iPhone device with UnlockMaker and continue using it as you usually would.


This article provides necessary information about UnlockMaker. UnlockMaker is one of the most reliable iCloud locked iPhone Unlock services available, and it can help you remove the iCloud activation lock from your iPhone 13. Unlock your iCloud-locked device in minutes by following this guide above. UnlockMaker is simple to use and affordable. It’s also easy to set up with no special settings or requirements.