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IMEI blacklist Removal for iOS devices

Having a blacklisted iPhone or iPad can be frustrating and often really hard to fix if you don’t know how to do it. It is crucial to know the concept of the bad IMEI as it can often be confused with other sort of problems. We will quickly cover how this system works, what to keep in mind and how to unlock it.

What’s the IMEI Blacklist?

The blacklist or bad IMEI is an open source protocol that can be used by companies of most western countries to prevent the usage of a device if it is marked as lost, stolen or hasn’t been paid off by the customer.

To understand how the system works, you need to understand that your IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) is an unique number that is linked to your device. With this in mind, companies and institutions are able to block an iPhone or iPad if it’s reported at any given time.

Having a blacklisted IMEI doesn’t mean you are not able to use your device with other carriers. Sadly, not all providers and companies has signed this open database which means the phone can be used in other jurisdictions where this technology has not been implemented.

Check the status of your IMEI number

Before you start the process, it is important that you check the status of your IMEI number. This is a crucial step as this will let you know if the device is actually blacklisted or if it probably has another issue that requires a different procedure.

There are many websites where you can check the IMEI number status. It is worth saying that these lists might have some sort of mistakes sometimes as carriers don’t always update their lists that often. Feel free to check the wide list of services offered on the internet to check the IMEI status.

From our own perspective, IMEI24 it’s the most reliable tool that you can use nowadays. All it takes it’s entering your IMEI number and the website will give you the status within a few second. We fully recommend that you double check this information with another service of your choice to make sure the device has been marked as blacklisted.

How to get your IMEI number?

There are multiple ways on how you can get your IMEI number, just to clarify, some of these methods do not always work but are very common among some iOS devices:


    • Go to your dial as press the press the following: *#06# (Works with any device)

    • Check on the back of your device (Mostly works with iPad and old iPhone devices)

    • Remove the Sim Card tray and search for the IMEI number on it.

We fully recommend to dial the code above and obtain your IMEI number as this works on every device (Even on an Android phone)

How does the bad IMEI works on iOS devices?

The bad IMEI on iOS works as any other mobile phone that has been blacklisted by either the owner or the company itself. It is worth noting that this technology works the same way on every device that has been registered to the network.

Something on top of what we have covered before, it’s that every phone must be registered at some point with the carrier of your choice. Sometimes the carrier does it for you automatically when you sign up into the network.

Other times you are required to do it manually and enter some personal information to keep your device safe on the database in case it is ever reported lost or stolen. This will likely depend on the laws established on your country or state.

Can I unlock my iPhone or iPad with my carrier?

It is possible to get your device unlock using the blacklist removal service of your mobile carrier as long as you qualify for it. We will quickly cover how to do it in a general way, but often every carriers are free to require additional information.

Requirements to get the unlock

To be eligible for the blacklist removal service via your carrier, you will need to provide the following information:


    • Proof of purchase of your device

    • ID (Must show full name and picture)

    • Proof of good standing with the company

We have compiled this general information based on data gathered on T-mobile, Metro PCS, Sprint, Verizon and other major carriers around North America. We believe this information is also required in other countries as well.

Requesting Unlock Code

If you have all the information needed by the provider, all it takes it’s to go to a physical location and request the unlocking of your device. A qualified employee will check all the information and start the IMEI cleaning service. This process might take up to a day and you will be notified via SMS once when phone’s IMEI number is clean.

Extra steps for unpaid bills

If your device was blacklisted for having an unpaid balance on your account, you will first need to pay the remaining balance to get it unlocked. Make sure you get a confirmation letter by the company stating that the phone has been fully paid off. This might take a couple of days as payment processes are often handled by third party members.

Is it worth it?

Depends, if you are the original owner and have all the paperwork in place, we fully recommend to get it unlocked by your carrier, this is the best iPhone blacklist removal service that you can get as long as you meet all requirements.

In such case you don’t meet all requirements, we do not recommend to use this IMEI repair method as the company will not be able to help you out due to policy. We do recommend using a third party service to get it done if you are not able to gather all information or go directly to a branch.

IMEI blacklist removal tool by UnlockMaker

If you are looking for Online blacklist removal services, we got the best solution on the internet that helps you get rid of the blacklist if you can’t do it directly with your provider. This tool does not require the installation of any software or extension into your browser.

We will briefly cover this bad IMEI cleaning service and how you can do it in only a few minutes using this great platform. Make sure to have your device fully charged and near you to obtain all the information needed by the server.

Submit the requested information

On the unlock app you will be asked to enter some information, this is needed to send you the confirmation as well as to process the unlocking of your device. Please have ready the following information:


    • Name

    • Email Address (Verify it’s a working email)

    • Blacklisted IMEI number

Double check all information is correct before sending your request to the server. If you activate the order with the wrong information it is likely that it won’t be unlocked and you must start all over again with the process.

Activate and unlock your device

To get started with your bad ESN cleaning, you will be required to activate your order by obtaining a verification code. This code has been implemented as a way to prevent commercial use of the platform. Make sure to watch the full tutorial on how to obtain this code as this will prevent any delays or inconveniences.

Once all information is verified and you activate your order, you will receive an email confirming the IMEI unblacklisting. This process takes on average an hour to a day depending on the amount on request being process on the server.

Enjoy your device

That’s all, start enjoying your device once again without worrying about the status of your IMEI. Keep in mind, this is a permanent unlock but it can be locked again if you report your device’s IMEI. Please check the IMEI status once the unlocking is done to make sure everything is correct. In case something is wrong, make sure to contact support using your confirmation code to get help by one certified member.

Does it work with all models?

Yes, this service is compatible with all iOS version and models launched to the market. All servers are updated weekly to keep up with any updates or new products being launched into the market. To give you a piece of mind, we will quickly cover the models eligible for the network remote unlock service.

iPhone Devices

We have a wide range of iPhone devices you can unlock using the UM blacklist removal service:


    • iPhone 5

    • iPhone 5C

    • iPhone 5S

    • iPhone 6

    • iPhone 6 Plus

    • iPhone 6S

    • iPhone 6S Plus

    • iPhone SE (1st gen)

    • iPhone 7

    • iPhone 7 Plus

    • iPhone 8

    • iPhone 8 Plus

    • iPhone X

    • iPhone XR

    • iPhone XS

    • iPhone XS Max

    • iPhone 11

    • iPhone 11 Pro

    • iPhone 11 Pro Max

    • iPhone SE (2nd gen)

    • iPhone 12

    • iPhone 12 mini

    • iPhone 12 Pro

    • iPhone 12 Pro

    • Max iPhone 13

    • iPhone 13 mini

    • iPhone 13 Pro

    • iPhone 13 Pro Max

    • iPhone SE (3rd gen)

    • iPhone 14

    • iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPad Devices

When it comes to the iPad, there is a much more shorter range of devices on the market, this has allowed us to have all existing devices eligible for blacklist removal. This method only applies for those devices with an IMEI number, meaning they can receive and send signal to carriers.


    • iPad (1st gen)

    • iPad 2 iPad (3rd gen)

    • iPad (4th gen)

    • iPad (5th gen)

    • iPad (6th gen)

    • iPad (7th gen)

    • iPad (8th gen)

    • iPad (9th gen)

    • iPad (10th gen)

Does this service affects my device?

No, this process is done online using a cloud server and will not affect your device in any matter. This service works by sending an unlocking request to the carrier and obtaining an unlocking code that it’s automatically applied to your device.

Will I be able to use my phone on any network?

Not necessarily, if you use any IMEI blacklist removal tool, you are only removing your device from the blacklist and allowing your to use the carrier once again. If you have a network locked device, this will require a whole other process that has nothing to do with the IMEI blacklist removal.

If you have an iOS device that has been bypassed, it almost guaranteed that this method will not work. In this situation we are talking about the iCloud activation lock which requires a different type of unlocking process.

Is it Safe to use?

UnlockMaker is by far one of the safest and most private tools available on the internet when it comes to blacklist removal services. All information sent to the server including the IMEI number is encrypted and then removed once the process is completed on both sides.

Get your blacklisted phone unlocked today!

If you have a blacklisted iPhone or iPad, feel free to use UnlockMaker to get it removed in under a day. If you have any questions or need assistance with your unlocking, make sure to contact us. A team member will reach out to you and help you out. Please check all our resources and have your information ready to speed up the process.