Unlock your iPhone SE 2020: How to Remove IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

A well-liked smartphone with a large global user base is the iPhone SE 2020. Unfortunately, some users struggle with having a bad ESN or having their device blacklisted. Two different problems that can render an iPhone SE 2020 device unusable are the IMEI blacklist and faulty ESN.

The term “IMEI blacklist” refers to a database containing the serial numbers of gadgets that have been reported as lost, stolen, or the subject of fraud. A device is effectively barred from use on the network of the original carrier when it is blacklisted.

A device with a damaged electronic serial number is known as a bad ESN. This could happen as a result of a software bug, physical harm, or a firmware problem.

Important stages in regaining an iPhone SE 2020 device’s functioning include removing the IMEI blacklist and correcting the bad ESN. Thankfully, UnlockMaker, a free web application that provides iPhone SE 2020 IMEI Blacklist Removal and Bad ESN Fix, makes this process simpler. Users of the iPhone SE 2020 who are experiencing these problems will find that UnlockMaker is the ideal option thanks to its user-friendly interface and effective procedure.

iPhone SE 2020 IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN Issue

A database of mobile devices that have been reported lost or stolen is known as the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) blacklist. Every mobile device has an individual identification number (IMEI), which is used to locate lost or stolen devices. The inability of a device to connect to most mobile networks after being blacklisted prevents its owner from using it to make calls, send texts, or access the internet.

iPhone SE 2020 Blacklist Issue

The term “bad ESN” (Electronic Serial Number) describes a situation in which the mobile carrier has designated the device’s ESN number as invalid. The majority of the time, this occurs when the device has been used fraudulently or has been reported lost or stolen. Because it cannot be activated on a mobile network, a gadget with a bad ESN number is essentially worthless.

An iPhone SE 2020 could have a poor ESN or be blacklisted for a number of reasons. Among the most popular explanations are:

  1. Lost or Stolen: If a cell carrier receives a lost or stolen complaint for an iPhone SE 2020, the carrier will blacklist the IMEI number of the device, preventing it from being able to connect to the network.
  2. Fraudulent Activity: If an iPhone SE 2020 is used fraudulently, such as by being copied or being used without authorization, the carrier will blacklist the IMEI number of the device.
  3. Unpaid Bills: The carrier may blacklist the IMEI number of the iPhone SE 2020 if the owner fails to pay their mobile bill, preventing them from using the device on their network.
  4. Contract Termination: The carrier may blacklist the IMEI number of an iPhone SE 2020 whose owner has terminated their mobile service agreement early in order to prevent the owner from utilizing the device on their network.

Effects of IMEI Blacklist/Bad ESN on the Device

On an iPhone SE 2020, IMEI blacklisting and bad ESN can have serious consequences. It is hard for the owner to use a device to make calls, send texts, or access the internet when it is blacklisted or has a bad ESN, which prevents it from connecting to most mobile networks. The owner, who may have spent a lot of money on the item, may find this to be quite frustrating.

A banned or bad ESN device can not only be unable to connect to the network, but it might also be more challenging to sell or exchange in. A banned or bad ESN device may be difficult for the owner to derive any value from because so many mobile carriers and stores would not buy or accept it.

Fixing iPhone SE 2020 IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN with UnlockMaker

Your iPhone SE 2020’s IMEI blacklist and bad ESN difficulties can be resolved using UnlockMaker. You can easily restore your iPhone to its original state using our unlocking app thanks to its straightforward interface. Our tool can assist you whether your carrier has put you on a blacklist or you have a bad ESN. Unlock your iPhone’s full potential and say goodbye to the frustration of being blocked. Use UnlockMaker now to restore the functionality of your iPhone SE 2020.

Start the Blacklist Removal

Enter your Basic Info

Visit the “Blacklist & Bad ESN Removal” section of the UnlockMaker website if you want to unlock your device. The “Start your Unlock” button can be found here, and pressing it will start your device’s unlocking procedure.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to make sure you have all the relevant information on hand before moving forward. Your name and an active email address are included in this. Maintaining a current email address is essential since UnlockMaker will use it to send you updates and details about the status of your unlocking request. You may keep tabs on the development of your unlocking procedure by doing this.

Thus, before beginning the unlocking procedure, we suggest you to take a moment to make sure your email is both up to date and functional. You may be certain that you will not miss any significant updates from UnlockMaker in this way.

Enter IMEI and Provide the Device Type

Enter your iPhone's Info

An individualized strategy based on the device’s IMEI number is necessary to unlock an iPhone SE 2020 model that has been placed on a blacklist. The iPhone device type must be chosen in order to move forward with the unlocking procedure. It is crucial to remember that each gadget has a specific unlocking process, and no further information is required.

Make sure you have access to your device’s IMEI number before beginning the unlocking process. The main element that will determine how to unlock your smartphone is this number. Simply choose “Start Blacklist Unlock” and enter the IMEI number to get started. Your iPhone SE 2020 will be fully functioning once the procedure is finished, allowing you to use it just as if it had never been banned. Simply a completely functional smartphone that you can use however you like, with no constraints or limitations.

Watch the Short Video Clip

Watch the Video-Tutorial

Watch the entire training video to learn how to successfully remove your IMEI off the blacklist. To protect yourself and stop unauthorized access to your personal information, complete the reCAPTCHA. Register your device to keep an eye on the blacklist removal procedure and make sure nothing goes wrong. You may quickly restore your smartphone to its original state and resume unrestricted use by following the instructions in the video. With the appropriate guidance and perseverance, removing your IMEI from the blacklist might be easy.

Be a Member for Free

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Use UnlockMaker to quickly unlock your iPhone from an IMEI blacklist. After a brief verification procedure, create an account for safe validation and customized instructions for the iOS version of your device. Using UnlockMaker, you can unlock your device quickly and with complete access. Register now for a stress-free, quick, and easy unlocking experience.

Advantages of using UnlockMaker for iPhone SE 2020 IMEI Blacklist Removal and Bad ESN Fix

Pros of Using UnlockMaker for iPhone SE 2020 IMEI Blacklist Removal and Bad ESN Fix

The web platform UnlockMaker offers a solution to get rid of the blacklist issue on your mobile device. This platform is favored by customers who are having problems with blacklists due to a number of advantages. Let us go over each of these benefits in more depth.

  • 100% Free: The nicest thing about utilizing UnlockMaker is that it is totally cost-free. You are not required to pay anything to use this site. Due to this, all users can use it, regardless of their financial status.
  • Internet accessibility: UnlockMaker is an online platform, so as long as you have access to the internet, you can use it from any location in the world. Those who lack access to professional repair facilities or do not want to fork over cash for pricey repairs may find this convenient.
  • Reliable and Safe: To fix your device’s blacklist problem, UnlockMaker employs a trusted and safe unlocking technique. The procedure is carried out by qualified experts who make sure that the gadget is unlocked without compromising its data or doing any damage to the device.
  • Permanent Unlock: Once the blacklist problem has been resolved on your device, the unlock is irreversible. This assures you that the problem will not come up again in the future.
  • Works on Every Device: Regardless of the brand or model, UnlockMaker can fix the blacklist problem on any mobile device. As a result, it serves as a flexible fix for users of various device types who encounter the same problem.

Final Words

A dependable service like UnlockMaker can make the challenging procedure of removing the IMEI blacklist and correcting a flawed ESN on an iPhone SE 2020 much simpler. UnlockMaker is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to unlock their device because of its high success rate, short turnaround time, and secure unlocking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers have welcomed the popular and reasonably priced iPhone SE (2020) in droves. Yet, several of our users have expressed concerns regarding the removal of the IMEI blacklist and the BAD ESN repair, two problems that may affect how usable an iPhone SE 2020 is. We will answer the most frequent queries our readers have had concerning these subjects in this section.

How does an IMEI blacklist affect my iPhone SE 2020?

A collection of reported lost or stolen phone IMEI numbers is known as an IMEI blacklist. Your iPhone SE (2020) will not be functional if it has a blacklisted IMEI since it will not be able to connect to a mobile network.

Can I remove the IMEI blacklist from my iPhone SE 2020 with the carrier?

It may be feasible in rare circumstances to have your iPhone SE’s IMEI blacklist removed (2020). Often, this approach entails getting in touch with the carrier that blacklisted the IMEI and presenting ownership documentation.

How does a bad ESN impact my iPhone device?

A phone with a broken or invalid electronic serial number is referred to as having a Bad ESN. This might happen if the firmware has been modified or the phone has been destroyed. Your iPhone SE 2020 will not be able to connect to a mobile network if it has a Bad ESN.

Why is it important to remove the blacklist issue from my iPhone SE 2020?

A blacklisted IMEI or BAD ESN may prevent you from using your iPhone SE 2020 on some networks, so it is critical to fix the blacklist issue on your smartphone. This implies that even if your device is fully functional, the blacklist may prevent you from using it with the carrier of your choice.

How do I check if my iPhone SE 2020 has a blacklisted IMEI or BAD ESN?

By inputting the IMEI number of your device and visiting websites like IMEI.info or CheckESNFree.com, you may find out if your iPhone SE 2020 has a blacklisted IMEI or a BAD ESN. These websites will advise you of the IMEI or ESN status of your device and whether or not it has been banned. The IMEI or ESN of your smartphone can also be checked by contacting your carrier.