Fix iPhone 11 Locked to Owner: iPhone 11/Pro/Max Unlock

In recent times, Apple’s tighter security has made some iPhones get stuck with this locked to owner issue. It’s turning into a big problem for many, especially those new to iPhones. This guide will explain the iPhone 11 locked to owner issue and its solutions.

Why the iPhone 11/Pro/Max Becomes Locked to an Owner

Reasons why your iphone 11 is locked 2

Got a used iPhone that’s locked to its previous owner? It’s a common issue many face. This lock situation can be annoying, but it’s typically due to a few usual reasons. Before diving into how to fix it, let’s understand why it happens. Here are the main culprits for this lock.

Sold without disabling Find My iPhone

Often times, people sell their iPhone without turning off the Find My iPhone feature. It’s there to stop any sneaky access and save your data. But if the seller forgot about it, the new owner gets stuck out. So, when this gets skipped, you end up with the locked to owner headache, making switching hands a bit tricky.

Locked after a device reset

Hitting the reset on most gadgets is like a trip back in time to when they were fresh out of the box. But with iPhones, and it might just bite you back. Apple now have strengthened security, so a simple reset can sometimes lock the door and throw away the key. It’s all for safety, but if you mess it up, and you’re just looking at a screen you can’t get past.

Previous owner’s negligence

People rave about the iPhone’s security. But, if the last owner was a bit careless or just didn’t know better, you could end up with a device that’s stuck on lock mode. If they didn’t do the basics, like signing out of their Apple ID or unlinking iCloud, the new owner might have a tough time getting into the phone.

If you Forgot your Apple ID password

The Apple ID is like the key to Apple’s kingdom. For iPhone users, if you space out on that password, you’ll end up on a mess where you’re locked out to your iPhone. If you try a password too many times, Apple will get suspicious and would lock its iPhone from its owner.

Bought a possibly stolen device

Buying used tech can be like a box of chocolates. With the iPhone 11/Pro/Max, if you unknowingly bought a hot piece, you might get the locked to owner surprise. Apple’s on top of their game, locking anything tied to someone else’s Apple ID to stop theft. So, if you’re buying second-hand, always double-check to avoid getting a phone that’s just a paperweight.

Ways to Fix an iPhone 11 Locked to Owner Message

methods to fix iphone 11 locked to owner issue

Having your iPhone show that pesky “locked to owner” message can be a real pain. But don’t worry, with some handy steps, you can sort it out. This guide lays out some easy-to-follow tips for iPhone users to get back into their phones without a hitch.

Method 1. Contacting the Seller for Assistance

If your iPhone 11 is throwing that “locked to owner” message, messaging the person you got it from might be your best move. Since the first owner might still have some control over the phone, they could be your ticket to getting it all sorted.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Details

Before reaching out, make sure that you have the essential details that is related to your device. This includes your:

  • Your serial number
  • IMEI number
  • Any paperwork that shows you’re the legit owner.

This helps prove you’re not just making things up when you bring up the issue to the previous owner.

Step 2: Get Owner’s Contact Info

Whether you got it online or in-person, find a way back to them or where you bought it. Being clear and upfront is your shortcut to sorting out this issue on your device.

Step 3: Describe the Issue Clearly

When you reach out, lay out the situation clearly to give them a better understanding of your situation. Show them you’re on the level, explain the headaches you’re having, and how they can help. Being straight-up about it builds trust and ups your chances of getting the help you need.

Step 4: Unlink iPhone from Seller’s Account

To get your device untangled from the last owner’s iCloud, walk them through these steps.

  1. Visit and log in using their iCloud credentials.
  2. By clicking on “Find iPhone”, they can select the device that’s causing the iPhone 11 locked to owner issue.
  3. After selecting the device, click “Erase”, this will reset their device.
  4. To ensure the device is no longer linked to their account, they should click on “Remove from Account”. This process can play a pivotal role in restoring your iPhone’s full functionality.
Remove from Account 1

Method 2. Using Unlock Maker for Quicker Solution

Among all the ways to fix the iPhone 11 locked to owner issue, Unlock Maker shines because it’s quick and free. As this problem puzzles many iPhone users, having easy and effective solutions is key. Unlock Maker doesn’t just tackle the problem but lets users get their phone back in action without spending a dime or waiting too long. Let’s dive into how to use Unlock Maker to fix this pesky issue.

Step 1: Starting the Unlock Process

Step 1 Initiating the Unlock Process

Dealing with an iPhone 11 locked to owner issue can be frustrating. To start unlocking your device, just click the button below.

Disclaimer: We do not condone using this app to remove the iCloud activation lock feature on stolen property. If you believe there’s something sketchy with an iPhone you recently bought, make sure to act accordingly and contact the authorities.

Step 2: Providing Your Information

Step 2 Entering Your Details

After clicking the button on the previous step, you will be redirected to a new page where you need to type in your name and email correctly. Before moving on, tick the boxes confirming your email and that you’ve read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Step 3: Selecting Your Device Type and IMEI

Step 3 Choosing Your Device and IMEI

You’ll be presented with three choices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch.

For the iPhone 11 locked to owner issue, pick “Any iPhone”. Then choose the IMEI option and hit “Next”.

Remember: All iPhones possess an IMEI, whereas only cellular-equipped iPads and Apple Watches do. Meanwhile, iPads and Apple Watches that aren’t cellular-equipped only have serial numbers. Use IMEI in this step. However, if IMEI is unavailable, opt to Serial Number.

Step 4: Finding and Entering IMEI or Serial Number

Step 4 Locating and Inputting IMEI or Serial Number

Not sure where to find the IMEI or Serial Number? No sweat. Here’s a quick rundown:

how to check imei iphone 11
  • Navigate to the activation lock screen of the iPhone.
  • Hit the sleep button located on the phone’s right.
  • Press the sleep/wake button and tap the information icon (i) situated at the bottom right. This action restarts your device.
  • Upon reboot, you’ll identify the IMEI and SN codes. Note down the IMEI, plug it into the UnlockMaker interface, and proceed.

Step 5: Creating your User/Login ID

Step 5 Generating Your Login ID

After you’ve filled in all the needed info to fix the issue, let’s get your login set up. Just click on “Create Login ID” and then head to the next part.

Step 6: Verifying Email Address

Step 6 Email Confirmation for Unlocking

To fix the iPhone 11 locked to owner mess, make sure your email is spot on. Any more steps or help will come through there. Having the right email makes everything smoother.

Step 7: Watching the Tutorial and Retrieving ID

Step 7 Following Video Tutorial and ID Retrieval

Ready to get rid of that iPhone 11 locked to owner headache? Watch the how-to video first. After that, pop in the CAPTCHA and click on “Download LogIn ID”. You’ll get a PDF with all the login details that you need. With that in hand, you’re all set to:

  • Introduce your personal Apple ID
  • Implement updates and introduce new apps
  • Make calls and more
  • Enjoy your iPhone 11 like it just came out of the box, with no past owner’s limits.

Proactive Measures and Insights

pre cautions and tips 2

Getting the lowdown on the iPhone 11 locked to owner issue is key, but so is preventing it. Let’s talk about some top tips to avoid this mess. If you’re thinking about buying or already own an iPhone, these steps will help you steer clear of ownership and security snags. Knowing this stuff upfront can save you loads of trouble later on. Let’s gear up to dodge these issues.

Backup Regularly:

Backing up your iPhone is a game changer. Why? If you ever face the locked to owner headache, at least your data will be safe and sound. The last thing anyone needs is the drama of lost data on top of a locked phone. So, make backup your buddy and you’re golden, even if lockouts happen.

Avoid Unknown Sellers:

Wanna fix the iPhone 11 locked to owner issue? Be a step ahead. When buying an iPhone, always go for sellers you can trust. Grabbing a deal from a sketchy place might just land you in the locked to owner mess. A cool price isn’t cool if the phone comes with strings. Smart buying choices save you from future stress.

Always Check for Activation Lock Before Purchase:

If you’re thinking to get an iPhone, don’t just check its looks. Dive into its digital life. Before handing over your cash, do a quick setup check. If it asks for someone else’s Apple ID and password, it’s got an activation lock. A quick check can save you from future locked to owner headaches and protect your cash.

Learn how to set up a new device:

Scooped a second-hand iPhone device is awesome. But, before exploring all its cool stuff, make sure you’re not walking into an locked to owner trap. First things first, reset it to wipe out old data. Then, during setup, connect to a Wi-Fi to see if there’s an activation lock. This early detective work helps you avoid locked to owner surprises and makes sure your new device is all yours. It’s all about smart starts to avoid bumps on the road.