Have you ever dealt with the iCloud activation lock? This feature is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of iPhone devices. It exists as a security measure against theft or loss, but what happens when you lock the phone accidentally? Or, maybe you bought the iPhone from eBay or a family member/friend, and you don’t have access to the existing Apple ID to remove the iCloud activation lock.

It’s frustrating and annoying because the iCloud activation lock renders the iPhone 11 useless. However, this problem is actually pretty easy to fix.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix iPhone 11 locked to the owner using an easy and quick app. With this method, you don’t have to be an IT expert or pay any money to regain access to your iPhone 11.

What Is UnlockMaker & Why Do You Need It?

UnlockMaker is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient solution to unlock blocked iPhone devices.

This application uses your mobile phone’s information to generate new credentials, allowing you to access all of the phone’s features as if it was new. The app removes restrictions usually included in iOS, which are there to ensure that only the certified owner of the device can use it.

Reasons Why an iPhone May Get Locked

These measures are in place for security and safety reasons, but they may also be a problem if you lock the phone accidentally. Another reason why you would need to unlock the iPhone 11 is that you purchased it from someone else but don’t have access to it. The phone may also lock if:

  • You forget the Apple ID iCloud password.
  • You updated or performed a jailbreaking procedure without unlocking the phone.
  • You recently repaired or replaced a broken screen and received the iCloud activation lock screen problem.

UnlockMaker — Benefits of This iPhone 11 iCloud Unlock App

Not sure this is the solution you need? Take a look at some of the benefits you can expect from this app.

Ease of Use

UnlockMaker is the easiest solution to frustrating iPhone restriction problems. It works with almost all iOS versions, and the whole process takes only 20 minutes.

Anytime, Anywhere

Use this app to unlock iPhone devices any hour of the day and anywhere around the world. Forget about contacting Apple or spending a lot of money shipping your device for maintenance.

Free & Reliable

Using UnlockMaker is free and reliable. Don’t bother trusting your iPhone 11 to a stranger that makes a lot of promises but doesn’t deliver the results expected. Also, UnlockMaker doesn’t compromise any security feature, and you don’t need any special settings after using it.

Works With Pro, Max & Mini Versions!

UnlockMaker doesn’t only work with the iPhone 11, but also with all of the other versions of this model. Use it to unlock iPhone 11 Pro, Max, and Mini, too!

How to Fix iPhone 11 Locked to Owner?

Don’t waste money on an iPhone 11 iCloud Unlock Service that doesn’t work or may render your phone useless. Instead, use the UnlockMaker app following these steps and unlock your iPhone in just a few minutes and cost-free!

Step 1: Set up the App to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock

Open up the Unlock Wizard and wait for it to load. In just a few seconds, the new window will show four options to choose the device you want to unlock.

To take care of the iPhone 11 iCloud Activation Lock problem, select the option that says “Any iPhone.” Click next to start the iCloud activation lock removal.

Select Device for Unlock

Disclaimer: We do not condone using this app to remove the iCloud activation lock feature on stolen property. If you believe there’s something sketchy with an iPhone you recently bought, make sure to act accordingly and contact the authorities.

Step 2: Internet Connection Availability

The following window displayed is to let the application know whether your phone is capable of connecting to an internet connection.

You can choose whether you can connect your iPhone 11 to the internet via WiFi, Hotspot, or USB. Click on “Update and Start Unlocker,” and then on “Enter Device Information” to proceed with the iCloud activation lock solution.

Choose Connectivity Options and Start iCloud Unlocker

Click on “Enter Device Information” afterward.

An iCloud Activation Lock Removal is Possible in this Case

Step 4: Provide Your Information

You must provide your real name and a valid email address during this step. Make sure the information provided is valid to guarantee the process goes smoothly. If the email or name is wrong, you will not receive further instructions to complete the iCloud locked iPhone unlock process.

Entering Details into the UnlockMaker Form

Step 5: Provide iPhone Information

In the next section, you must choose “Any iPhone” as the device to unlock. Then, mark the IMEI box below. Every iPhone comes with an IMEI code, which will allow you to get a solution for the iCloud activation locked iPhone.

Confirming your Device Selection

Step 6: Enter Your iPhone 11 IMEI

Follow up by providing the IMEI of your iPhone 11. If you’re not familiar with this code, here’s a quick method for you to find it.

Entering your iPhone 12s IMEI

How Do You Know What’s Your iPhone IMEI?

  • Go to the iPhone’s activation lock screen, and press the sleep button on the mobile’s right side.
  • Push the sleep/wake button and tap the I located at the bottom right corner. This step will make your smartphone restart.
  • Here you will find the iPhone’s IMEI and the SN code. Write down the IMEI, submit it in the UnlockMaker app, and click next.

Step 7: Generate a New iCloud Account

Confirm that you want to generate new login details to unlock the iPhone. This process creates a dummy ID, produced exclusively for your device, and IMEI code as an iPhone 11 remove iCloud method. Complete the captcha, and click on Create Login ID to follow through.

Creating a Login ID

Step 8: Receive Your Brand New Login ID

Once you click on Create Login ID, the app will redirect you to another window to verify your newly generated ID. Check your IMEI to confirm everything’s good, and click on “Download Login ID.”

Downloading the Dummy ID

Observation: The new ID won’t be visible to you immediately, as you must register for membership first. Don’t worry! This membership is free, and it only takes a moment.

Dummy ID Preview

The new Login ID will be visible after you provide a valid signup code.

Entering the Sign Up Code

Step 9: Last Steps of the iPhone 11 Remove iCloud Process

Use your new login ID, and use it on the Apple ID box. Then, finish up the rest of the setup to remove iCloud activation lock, which is intuitive and straightforward.

And that’s it!

Enter Login ID into iCloud Locked Device

Final Words

If you’re an avid Apple user, this is a tool that you want to have readily available to fix iPhone 11 locked to Owner. Remember that this is not an iPhone 11 bypass iCloud activation lock app, which would grant you half access to the mobile’s features. With UnlockMaker, you unlock the phone completely. It’s easy, fast, and hassle-free!