Fix iPhone 12 Locked to Owner: iPhone 12/Pro/Max/Mini Unlock

Are you looking to unlock your iPhone 12’s iCloud Activation Lock? This is the best place on the internet for unlocking iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 12! Our services are fast, safe, and easy to use. Our staff has been unlocking iCloud Activation Lock since 2012 so we know what we’re doing! Not only that but our iPhone 12 iCloud Unlock Service is completely free of charge. UnlockMaker not only works on iPhone 12 but many other iOS devices as well as iPadOS and WatchOS types.


Unlocking iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 12 without iCloud Account

To get started with your iCloud Unlock, you’re going to have to get started with our Unlock Wizard. Enter your Name and Email Address in the form provided to you. Then check the box to confirm your email is valid. You will receive your Unlock ID to your email so make sure that you enter a valid email address.

Open the iPhone 12 Activation Lock Removal
Enter Your Name and Valid Email Address

Next, you are going to choose that you are looking to Unlock an iPhone. In the ‘Identify using’ section, select IMEI then click ‘next’ to proceed.

Select Any Device to Unlock your iPhone 12 Locked To Owner
Choose ‘Any iPhone’ and Select that you will Identify your Phone Using IMEI

How to Find the IMEI Number of your Device

How to view IMEI and Serial Number on Activation Locked Device
  • Take your Activation Locked iPhone 12 and press the sleep button
  • Wake the device back up using sleep button again
  • Tap the (i) on the bottom right of your screen
  • Now you can view your MEID, IMEI and ICCID as well as Serial Numbers

After you choose the device to unlock and selecting IMEI to use to identify your device, you will be taken in a new section wherein you will provide your IMEI or Serial Number of your iOS device. In the box provided, enter your iPhone 12 IMEI number and then tap ‘next’ to continue.

Enter your iPhone 12 IMEI

As you can see you are now ready to Generate Login Details. This means a Dummy ID has been created specifically to your device and IMEI which will Remove iCloud Account permanently and safely from your device. Click ‘Create Login ID’ to proceed to the last step of unlocking your iPhone 12.

Generate Login Details for your iPhone 12

After clicking ‘Create Login ID’, check your email and you will receive a message from UnlockMaker. In that email, click the link provided and you will be directed to a page wherein you will get your Unlock ID. As you can see, there is a Dummy iCloud Login ID and has been blacked out. Before entering your Login ID, watch the video first to unblock your ID which you will enter into your device. Now you are ready to enter the Login details into the Apple ID field on your Activation Locked device to Permanently Remove iPhone Locked to Owner and Activation Lock from your iPhone 12.

Enter the Unlock ID into your iPhone 12

You are now able to skip forward, finish the rest of the setup as usual and you are set! Your iPhone 12 is now completely unlocked and functioning all thanks to our Amazing Free iCloud Unlock Service here at

Your iPhone 12 is Unlocked from iCloud Lock

Why Choose UnlockMaker’s iCloud Activation Lock Removal?

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Why Choose UnlockMaker to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

You don’t have to worry about being locked out of your phone ever again! With our simple process, you can easily remove iCloud from any iPhone model within minutes. You are not required to know the iCloud Password of the previous user and are able to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock with ease!

If you want to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on any iOS device, Unlockmaker is here for you! We can help remove iCloud from any iPhone model at an affordable price. All you have to do is enter the IMEI of your iCloud Locked device and we will generate a Dummy ID that can remove iCloud account on your iCloud Locked iPhone 12. This process ensures that the iCloud Lock has been Removed and iCloud Activation Lock has been solved permanently and safely on your iPhone 12 without the previous iCloud Account.

Remove iCloud Lock easily thanks to the most up to date and free iPhone Unlocking Tool on the market, wether you are looking to remove icloud activation lock, disable find my iphone or want to remove the apple id. With the Free Dummy ID UnlockMaker provides you can bypass icloud without any apple id account at all. Anyone with any skill level can unlock icloud lock using our web based software and remove activation lock without trouble or cost. Eager to try it? Get started below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions on how to Fix iPhone 12 Locked to Owner? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by our users. This may help you find your answers to your questions.

What does it mean when iPhone is Locked to Owner?

On iOS devices, you see the “iPhone Locked to Owner” display on your device screen when you wake the device. That means it is protected by Activation Lock. The previous owner turned on the “Find My” feature, that’s why when you turn on the device it requires you to enter the Apple ID password. In that case, you must contact the previous owner to remove his iCloud account. If you can’t reach the previous owner, you can use UnlockMaker to unlock your device. It is a free iCloud Unlock Service available worldwide.

Is there an Activation Lock feature to all iPhone Models?

All Apple iOS device Models and Versions have this security feature, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

How to Unlock iPhone 12 Locked to Owner?

If you are wondering how to Unlock your iPhone 12 Locked to Owner, here is the solution: UnlockMaker – The Ultimate iCloud Locked Unlocker! Simply go to the homepage and click the “Start your Unlock” button. After clicking that button, you will be sent a form to fill in. Provide the required information to start the unlock process. You must follow the instructions for you to unlock your iPhone successfully. The Unlocking procedure has only five simple steps, so don’t panic, as it is very easy to follow.

Why is my iPhone locked?

Your iPhone device may be locked because you bought a secondhand iPhone, but the seller forgot to remove her iCloud account. It can also be you found a lost iPhone on the street, but you can’t unlock it, or you might perform a jailbreaking procedure without unlocking the phone. These are some of the common reasons why your iPhone is locked. If you need help unlocking your device, you may send an Activation Lock support request to the official Apple site, or you may use UnlockMaker, a free iCloud Unlock Service.

How can I remove the Locked to Owner message from my iPhone device?

To remove the Locked to Owner message from your device screen, you may contact the previous owner to help you unlock the iPhone. In case you can’t contact the previous owner anymore, you can use online iCloud Lock Removal tools. We highly recommend UnlockMaker as your iPhone Unlocker. It is 100% free and a user-friendly web app. To start the unlock, open the Unlock Wizard and wait for it to load. A new section will show you a form wherein you need to enter your Name and a Valid Email Address. Just follow the instructions, and you will instantly unlock your device. Don’t worry! The steps are simple and easy. It will only take you a few minutes to unlock your iOS device.