Unlock your iPhone XR: How to Remove IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

Popular smartphone the iPhone XR was unveiled by Apple in 2018. It has a sophisticated camera, strong performance capabilities, and a beautiful design. Although being very popular, the iPhone XR has many users who have had IMEI blacklist and terrible ESN difficulties, which might make their smartphone worthless.

When a carrier or service provider blacklists a device’s unique identifying number, this is known as IMEI blacklisting. For a number of reasons, including theft, unpaid debts, or fraud, this may occur. A device that has been blacklisted is ineligible for usage on the network of the original carrier and might only operate partially on other networks.

On the other hand, bad ESN is a technical issue that may arise as a result of hardware or software issues. This may make a gadget unable to connect to the network and therefore useless.

UnlockMaker is dedicated to resolving the blacklist issue and bad ESN difficulties. We offer iPhone XR IMEI blacklist removal and Bad ESN fix that let users to use their device with any carrier or network by unlocking it and removing it from the blacklist. Users of the iPhone XR who have encountered these problems and want to return their handset to its original state can turn to UnlockMaker as a useful resource.

What You Need to Know About Blacklisted IMEI and Bad ESN

Every mobile device has an individual identification number called an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) that is used to manage and trace the device.

What is IMEI and ESN

A database of IMEI numbers for devices that have been reported lost or stolen and are therefore prohibited from use on mobile networks is referred to as an IMEI blacklist. Mobile carriers use the blacklist to block these devices from connecting to their networks, rendering them basically worthless for using data, voice calls, or messaging services.

An electronic serial number that has been reported as missing, stolen, or connected to an unpaid bill or contract is referred to as a bad ESN. Bad ESN status can prevent a device from being enabled on a mobile network, similar to IMEI blacklisting.

How does IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN Impact iPhone XR Users

An iPhone XR will not be able to connect to the mobile network and hence cannot be used to place calls, send messages, or access the internet if it has a blacklisted IMEI or a faulty ESN. This implies that the user will not be able to utilize the item for what it was meant for, and it will simply become a paperweight.

Users occasionally buy devices from third-party sellers who are unaware of the problem or who are attempting to sell blacklisted devices because they do not know their device has a blacklisted IMEI or a bad ESN. The buyer may be stuck with a product they cannot use, and they will not be able to recoup their investment, making this a painful and expensive experience.

Checking a device’s IMEI and ESN status before buying it is always advised to prevent such issues, especially if the transaction is being made via a third-party vendor. Users can verify the IMEI and ESN status of an iPhone XR or any other device using a number of internet tools.

Why do IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN Occur?

When a device’s particular IMEI number has been added to a list of devices that are reported as lost, stolen, or connected to fraudulent activity, it is referred to as being on an IMEI blacklist or having a bad ESN. The device may not be able to connect to the carrier’s network and utilize data, send texts, or place calls while it is on the blacklist.

Reasons Why IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN Occur

The IMEI of a device may be banned for a number of reasons, including:

  • Theft: When a device is reported stolen, the carrier may blacklist the IMEI of the device to stop the criminal from using it on their network. This is a standard procedure used to prevent theft and safeguard the rightful owner of the item.
  • Fraud: A device’s IMEI may be blacklisted by the carrier if it is used in fraudulent activities, such as creating illegal charges or opening false accounts, to stop the fraudulent user from carrying out their schemes.
  • Unpaid bills: To make sure that a client pays their bills before being allowed to use their device again, the carrier may blacklist the IMEI of the customer’s device if they have an unpaid amount on their account.
  • Insurance claims: The carrier may blacklist the IMEI of the original device if a client files an insurance claim for a lost or damaged device in order to prevent its future use on their network.
  • Software tampering: The carrier may blacklist the IMEI of a device if its software has been altered, such as by unlocking it or installing custom firmware, to prevent it from being used on their network.

It is crucial to remember that once a device’s IMEI has been blacklisted, it cannot be unblacklisted. Purchase of a new device or having the existing device fixed and sold as a refurbished device are the only options available to restore the device’s ability to connect to the carrier’s network.

Eliminate Your IMEI Blacklist Once and for All with UnlockMaker

With the ground-breaking platform UnlockMaker, you can permanently get off the IMEI blacklist. Your smartphone may be blacklisted if you are experiencing problems with it, including inability to use it on specific networks or inability to update to the newest version. This can be an annoying situation, but with UnlockMaker, you can finally get rid of it and utilize all of your device’s features. The easy steps are as follows:

Start the iPhone XR IMEI Blacklist Removal and Bad ESN Fix

Start the iPhone XR IMEI Blacklist Removal and Bad ESN Fix

You should go to the “Blacklist & Bad ESN Removal” section of the UnlockMaker website if you want to unlock your device. There is a button that says “Start your Unlock” from there. The process of unlocking your device will start here.

Before moving further, it is crucial to make sure you have the relevant data at hand. Your name and an active email address are included in this. It is essential to keep your email account current in order to get information from UnlockMaker regarding the progress of your request. You will be able to keep track of the development of your unlocking process in this way and stay informed. Hence, before you start the unlocking process, take a moment to confirm that your email is both current and working. By doing this, you can be certain that you will not miss any crucial updates from UnlockMaker.

Provide your Device Details

Enter your iPhone's Info

An individualized method that is dependent on the iPhone X’s IMEI number is needed to unlock a blacklisted model. You must select iPhone as your device type in order to move forward with the process. Noting that each device has its own unlocking process with no need for extra information

The IMEI number will be used to determine the unlocking process, so make sure you have it on hand before continuing. Simply choose the “Start Blacklist Unlock” option after entering the IMEI number. Once you have finished this process, your smartphone will be fully functioning again and you will be able to use it just as if it had never been banned.

Check out the Video Tutorial

Watch the Video-Tutorial

It is highly advised that you take the time to view a complete training video that will carefully walk you through the process in order to effectively remove your IMEI off the blacklist. This will guarantee that you have all the information required to successfully complete the blacklist removal. After watching the video, it is crucial to finish the reCAPTCHA to protect the procedure and prevent illegal access to your personal data. You may relax knowing that your information is safe in this way.

It is advised to register your device after completing the reCAPTCHA in order to keep an eye on the blacklist removal process and make sure everything is going according to plan. This will enable you to monitor the condition of your equipment and make any required adjustments as you go.

You may easily return your smartphone to its original state by carefully following the instructions in the training video and adhering to these easy procedures. This will enable you to use your smartphone without limitations and to take advantage of all of its capabilities. Removing your IMEI from the blacklist can be a simple and stress-free task with the appropriate instructions and some patience.

Join the Free Membership

Sign Up for a Free Membership

Although the last step of unlocking your iPhone from an IMEI blacklist can be difficult, UnlockMaker makes it simple. You can have confidence that your identity will be safeguarded and validated by creating an account with UnlockMaker, providing you ease of mind throughout the unlocking procedure. You will receive detailed instructions tailored particularly to your device’s iOS version after the simple authentication process is finished.

The goal of UnlockMaker is to make unlocking as simple as possible. They provide basic, uncomplicated procedures that will help you restore full access to your device’s capabilities because they are aware that having a locked iPhone can be a source of annoyance and trouble. Join UnlockMaker today to unlock your iPhone’s full potential. You may be sure that the unlocking procedure will be quick, simple, and stress-free using UnlockMaker.

Unlock Your Devices and Enjoy the Benefits of UnlockMaker

With the help of the platform UnlockMaker, you can unlock your devices quickly and easily and start taking advantage of all the advantages that come with having an unlocked smartphone. UnlockMaker can assist you in removing the limitations that are keeping you from using your device to its full potential, regardless of whether you own a smartphone, tablet, or another form of gadget.

Enjoy the Benefits of UnlockMaker
  • Quick and hassle-free process: Using UnlockMaker gives a quick and easy approach, which is one of the main advantages. To finish the unlocking procedure, all you have to do is give the platform with the required information regarding your device and adhere to the short instructions provided. This implies that UnlockMaker will handle all the work, saving you time and effort from having to figure out the unlocking procedure on your own.
  • No technical expertise required: Another excellent feature of UnlockMaker is that it does not require any technical knowledge to operate. UnlockMaker’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to unlock their device, regardless of technical proficiency. This means that you can easily take use of an unlocked device’s advantages even if you are unfamiliar with its technological specifics.
  • Safe and secure: Safety and security are crucial factors to take into account when unlocking your smartphone. You do not want to run the risk of breaking your device or losing your data. You can be sure that the unlocking procedure is secure and safe when using UnlockMaker. To guarantee that your device and data are kept safe throughout the unlocking process, the platform makes use of the most recent technology and procedures.
  • Cost-effective solution: UnlockMaker is a final economical option for unlocking your smartphone. UnlockMaker is more inexpensive and provides more value than other unlocking alternatives. This indicates that you can benefit from an unlocked device without having to shell out a lot of cash.

Summing Up

Users may experience significant annoyance as a result of the iPhone XR’s IMEI blacklist and bad ESN issues because they may be unable to use their smartphone at all. This problem arises when a device has a bad ESN, which prevents it from being activated on a wireless network, or when the item has been reported as lost or stolen and is added to a blacklist.

By giving skilled and dependable unlocking services for iPhone XR devices with IMEI blacklist and bad ESN difficulties, UnlockMaker offers a solution to this issue. The business employs specialist tools and methods to correct the bad ESN and take the device off the blacklist, restoring its full functionality.

People Also Asked

As one of the most well-known smartphone brands, iPhones frequently come up in our readers’ questions and concerns. Concerns concerning the iPhone XR IMEI blacklist removal and Bad ESN correction are among the most frequent queries we get. It is critical to have a thorough awareness of these two crucial issues since they have the potential to significantly affect how well an iPhone functions. The following are some of the queries our readers have had regarding the IMEI blacklist removal and Bad ESN cure for the iPhone XR:

What is the process for removing an iPhone X from the IMEI blacklist?

The method for taking an iPhone X off the IMEI blacklist will vary depending on why the device was blacklisted. You must get in touch with the carrier that put the device on the blacklist and give them the information they need to confirm your ownership. After that, they will give directions on how to get off the blacklist.

Is it possible to remove the blacklist status on an iPhone X without contacting the original carrier?

While it could be alluring to attempt to unblock your iPhone X without contacting the original carrier, it is crucial to remember that doing so is against the law and has serious repercussions. But, there is a solution that can help you erase the blacklist status without breaching the law. Announcing UnlockMaker, a free, secure, and trustworthy online program that can assist you in getting your iPhone X off the blacklist. The IMEI number of your smartphone is used by this tool to remove it from the blacklist database, restoring your phone’s full functionality. The procedure is easy to understand, and the best thing is that it is totally free. All you have to do is enter your iPhone X’s IMEI number and adhere to UnlockMaker’s instructions. You will not need to get in touch with the original carrier since UnlockMaker will unlock your device safely and legally for you.

Can I fix a bad ESN on my iPhone X myself or do I need professional help?

You might want expert assistance if your iPhone X’s ESN is problematic. An expert technician will be able to identify the root of the problem and assist you in fixing it. In some instances, a flawed ESN may be the result of a software problem that can be resolved with a straightforward software update. Or, you can fix it yourself with the help of the handy web program UnlockMaker.

What should I do if I’ve purchased an iPhone X with a bad ESN and the seller won’t refund me?

If you bought an iPhone X with a flawed ESN and the seller will not give you a refund, you can try to settle the disagreement by contacting the local authorities or using a dispute resolution service. You can also think about getting in touch with the manufacturer or the carrier to see if they can help.

How can I check if my iPhone X has a bad ESN or is blacklisted before I buy it?

Before you purchase an iPhone X, you may find out if it has a bad ESN or is blacklisted by utilizing a free online IMEI checking service or by contacting the carrier and giving them the device’s IMEI number. If the device is blocked or has a flawed ESN, they will be able to tell you about it.