Fix iPhone 5 Locked to Owner: iPhone 5/5C/5S Unlock

Fix iPhone 5 Locked to Owner

Ever found yourself staring at an iPhone screen that just won’t budge because it’s locked to owner? We get it – it’s beyond frustrating. This hiccup often stems from security measures or previous account settings. Fortunately, for all those with an iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S facing this dilemma, there’s hope. Dive into this article to uncover the mysteries behind why the iPhone 5 locked to owner issue crops up and arm yourself with several savvy solutions to get your device back in action. Let’s crack the code together!

Why the iPhone 5/5C/5S Becomes Locked to an Owner

Reasons why iPhone 5 is Locked

Ever been stuck with an iPhone that just won’t let you in? Yeah, the iPhone 5 locked to owner thing can be a real party pooper. But why does it happen? Good question! There’s actually a few different reasons, and we’re about to dive into each one. Let’s jump in and break it down, shall we?

iCloud Activation

Apple’s iCloud Activation Lock is like that overprotective friend. It means well, keeping strangers out of your iPhone device, but sometimes it gets in the way. If you’re not the original phone owner, this feature can leave you scratching your head with the iPhone 5 locked to owner screen. It’s both a hero and a tiny villain.

Resetting a Pre-owned iPhone

So, you got a good deal on a used iPhone. Score! But, if the last user forgot to sign out of iCloud, you’ve got a hiccup. It’s like buying a second-hand book with notes in the margins. Resetting it might show the phone still thinks of its old owner, giving you the locked to owner drama.

Forgotten iCloud Password

Remembering passwords is a game we all tend to lose now and then. Forget your iCloud one, reset your iPhone, and bam! You’ve got the iPhone 5 locked to owner situation. It’s a bit like forgetting where you left your keys, only way more digital.

Stolen Device Purchase

Found an iPhone at a crazy low price? Beware of those too-good-to-be-true deals. If that phone’s stolen, you’ll soon be staring at the “locked to owner” message. Kind of like buying a car and finding out it’s got a past, and not the cool kind. Always double-check before splurging.

An iPhone deal that’s too good to be true might have a hidden snag. If you inadvertently bought a stolen device, the iPhone 5 locked to owner issue is a likely outcome. Always ensure the device’s legitimacy before purchase!

Ways to Fix an iPhone 5 Locked to Owner Message

Methods to Fix

Stuck with an iPhone 5 locked to owner message and don’t know what to do? Don’t sweat it. There are plenty of ways to get your phone back in action without losing your cool. Whether it’s iCloud tricks or some secret sauce only the tech-savvy know, we’ve got the hacks you need. So grab your phone and let’s get to fixing this issue, step by step.

Method 1. Ask Seller for Assistance

Before you panic, remember, the person who sold it to you might be your quickest way out. They’ve been through the iPhone’s history and might just have the keys to unlock its mysteries.

Step 1: Gather Important Details

Before diving into the process, ensure you’ve got all the info on hand. This includes the device’s serial number, the IMEI, and of course, your purchase proof.

Step 2: Reach Out to the Seller

Time to get in touch. Use any contact info you got during the purchase. An email, a phone number, or maybe even a social media handle – whatever works!

Step 3: Chat About the Problem

When you do connect, be clear. Let them know about the iPhone 5 locked to owner issue. Remember, clarity is key, and a dash of politeness can go a long way.

Step 4: Unlink iPhone from Seller’s Account

This is where the tech part comes in, walk your seller through these steps to successfully unlink your phone from the seller’s account.

  1. Ask the seller to head to
  2. They should log in, find the “Find iPhone” feature, select your device, hit “Erase”, and voila!
  3. Once done, they can click “Remove from Account” to set your iPhone free.
iPhone 5 Remove from Account

Method 2. Using Unlock Maker for Quicker Solution

Look, sometimes reaching out to the previous owner or going through official channels just doesn’t cut it. Or maybe you’re just in a hurry. Enter Unlock Maker – it’s like the express lane for getting past that pesky iPhone 5 Locked to Owner message. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and pretty swift. Plus, you don’t need a tech guru badge to use it. Just follow the steps, and you’ll have your iPhone singing freedom tunes in no time. Just remember, always play fair and square; this isn’t a ticket for shady stuff!

Step 1: Start the Unlocking Process

Step 1 Initiating the Unlock Process 1

To start kicking things off, click the button below and you’ll embark on your unlocking journey right away.

Disclaimer: We do not condone using this app to remove the iCloud activation lock feature on stolen property. If you believe there’s something sketchy with an iPhone you recently bought, make sure to act accordingly and contact the authorities.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Details

Step 2 Entering Your Details 1

Pop in your name and email. Keep it accurate so you don’t miss out on any crucial info down the line. And hey, ensure that email’s legit. After all, ticking boxes is more than just fun; it means you’ve given our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy a read.

Step 3: Pick Your Device and ID Type

Step 3 Choosing Your Device and IMEI 1

Three choices will pop up:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Apple Watches

Naturally, you’re here for the “Any iPhone” option.

Remember: All iPhones possess an IMEI, whereas only cellular-equipped iPads and Apple Watches do. Meanwhile, iPads and Apple Watches that aren’t cellular-equipped only have serial numbers. Use IMEI in this step. However, if IMEI is unavailable, opt to Serial Number.

Step 4: Discover and Input Your IMEI or Serial Number

Step 4 Locating and Inputting IMEI or Serial Number 1

Stumped on where to find that IMEI or Serial Number? Here’s a quick hack.

how to check imei iphone 5
  • At the activation lock screen, give the sleep button on your iPhone’s side a quick press.
  • Tap the little (i) icon, and like magic, there’s your IMEI and SN!
  • Jot down the IMEI, plug it into UnlockMaker, and hit next.

Step 5: Generate Your Login Details

Step 5 Generating Your Login ID 1

Just one click away. Tap on “Create Login ID” and let the magic happen.

Step 6: Email Confirmation Time

Step 6 Email Confirmation for Unlocking 1

This is where your email becomes the MVP. It’s the receiver of any further steps or instructions. So, ensure it’s the one you check, not the one you forgot the password to a year ago.

Step 7: Video Guidance and Login ID Download

Step 7 Following Video Tutorial and ID Retrieval 1

Before anything else, watch the tutorial video. It’s your roadmap to unblocking that ID. Spot the CAPTCHA? Enter it, and then hit “Download LogIn ID”. A neat PDF will land in your downloads, packed with the login details you need. Use those details, and once done, your iPhone 5 locked to owner situation flips to an iPhone ready for calls, apps, and all the fun stuff. Almost like unboxing a brand new iPhone, minus the plastic peel.

Precaution and Tips

Pre Caution and Tips

When diving into the vast ocean of iPhone unlocking, it’s not just about the how but also the beware. This isn’t your average DIY, after all! Knowing the essential precautions and tips can save you from future hassles. So, before you even start dreaming about a fully unlocked iPhone, let’s sprinkle in some wisdom to ensure you don’t get caught in the sticky webs of iPhone 5 Locked to Owner situations again.

Buying Second-hand iPhones

Picking up a used iPhone? Cool beans! Just make sure you’re not walking into a trap. Have a quick look-see to ensure the former owner has waved goodbye to all their accounts on that phone. Nobody wants those surprise lockouts.

Regular Backup

Let’s face it; we’re all a bit clumsy. One wrong tap and poof, there goes your data. Get into the habit of backing up your iPhone. That way, if any lock drama goes down, your stuff’s still chillin’ safely on your iCloud.

Update Your Details

Changed your email or phone number? Update your Apple ID details pronto. Keeping these updated ensures you can swiftly recover your account if ever faced with a lockout.

Two-Factor Authentication

Turn this on for some VIP security. If anyone tries getting sneaky with your account, you’ll get the heads up. It’s like a burglar alarm but for your iPhone. Extra protection? Yes, please!