Fixing iPhone 14 Locked to Owner and iCloud Activation Lock (Plus, Pro, and Max)

This article will show you how to unlock your iPhone 14 using our online iCloud Unlock Service to get rid of the “Locked to Owner” notification. For those who have acquired a used iPhone or lost their login details, our service is especially beneficial. Our iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service, which is free of charge, removes the locked message from your iPhone 14 permanently. Our goal is to give a user-friendly method for swiftly and easily unlocking iPhones.

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The best option for a permanent iCloud unlock is UnlockMaker. They provide a 100 percent guarantee on iCloud-locked iPhone 14 unlocking. The process of unlocking entails eliminating any limits set on iOS by Apple to ensure that only the original purchaser can use the phone. The process takes less than five minutes, and the directions are straightforward. This tutorial will walk you through the simple process of unlocking your iCloud-locked iPhone 14 in just five simple steps.

Eliminate the Activation Lock from all iPhone 14 models including Plus, Pro, and Max

Learn how to use UnlockMaker to quickly remove the “Locked to Owner” message on your iPhone 14. To access all the functions of your iOS device, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions in this detailed tutorial.

Open the iPhone 14 Activation Lock Removal

Using the Unlock Wizard, you can begin the process of removing the “Locked to Owner” message from your device screen. Enter your personal data into the app, including your name and a working email address. This is required to guarantee that your device is correctly connected to the unlocking process and that you will receive crucial updates and confirmation regarding the progress of your unlock request.

Select Any iPhone to Unlock your iPhone 14 Locked To Owner

After providing your personal information, you must choose the type of device you want to unlock. The device you are trying to unlock in this situation will be “iPhone.” In the “Identify using” section, choose “IMEI” as the method of identification. Your iPhone’s unique serial number is used to identify it during the unlocking process.

How to View IMEI on Activation Locked iPhone 14

How to view IMEI and Serial Number on Activation Locked Device
  • Take your iPhone 14 that has been activated and press the sleep button.
  • Reset the device by pressing the sleep button once more.
  • On the bottom right, press the (i).
  • You may now see your iPhone 14’s MEID, IMEI, ICCID, and serial number.
Enter your iPhone 14 IMEI

Now, you must enter the precise IMEI number for your iPhone 14 after choosing the IMEI method of identification. Once the number has been entered, verify it once more for accuracy before tapping the “next” button to move on.

Generate Login Details for your iPhone 14

To continue with the unlocking process after entering your iPhone’s IMEI number, you must create your iCloud Login credentials. Simply click the “Create Login ID” button to get started. By doing this, a special login ID will be created, linked to your device, and used to unlock the carrier lock.

Enter the Unlock ID into your iPhone 14

The email address you gave in the first step will receive a confirmation link after the iCloud login ID has been successfully produced by UnlockMaker. Checking your inbox and clicking the link to confirm the creation of your dummy ID are crucial. If you want the unlocking procedure to proceed as quickly as possible, please sure you check your email and click the link as soon as you can.

Your iPhone 14 is Unlocked from iCloud Lock

By entering the Login ID into your device, you may quickly remove the Locked to Owner message and the activation lock restriction from your iPhone 14. Your device will then be permanently unlocked, enabling you to use your own Apple ID.

Are there any Additional Settings Required after the Removal of the Activation Lock?

You may be sure that no other adjustments are necessary after the activation lock has been successfully removed. Now that your smartphone has been fully unlocked, you can use it as usual. With our service, you can quickly get your device back in working order because it is both user-friendly and effective.

Will the Removal of the Activation Lock Affect any Security Features on the Device?

Your iPhone 14’s activation lock can be removed using the secure and reliable UnlockMaker program. None of your device’s security features are impacted. One of the most trustworthy and effective iCloud unlock techniques is our offering. You may be sure that your device will work as it did before the activation lock was removed because no internal modifications were made and all dummy IDs used contained no private information from any prior or current owners.

Does this Process Involve Bypassing iCloud?

UnlockMaker is not a way to bypass iCloud. Instead, it is a reliable method for unlocking your iPhone that has been iCloud locked, enabling you to use it as usual. You can restore use of all the capabilities on your device using UnlockMaker without jeopardizing its security.

What are the Benefits of Using UnlockMaker?

The best way to unlock your disabled iPhone 14’s iCloud activation lock is with UnlockMaker. Listed below are just a few benefits of using our service for you:

Reasons Why You Should Use UnlockMaker

The Most Reliable iCloud Unlock Method

The most dependable and effective method for unlocking iCloud-locked devices is UnlockMaker. Tens of thousands of consumers have utilized our service with a track record of success to reclaim access to their devices.

Latest iOS Upgrades are Supported

UnlockMaker can assist you if you want to update your iCloud-locked device to the newest version of iOS. You may quickly unlock your iPhone and update to the most recent version of iOS thanks to our service, which supports all significant iOS upgrades.

Effective and User-Friendly

Our service is simple to use and compatible with many different iOS versions. It takes less than 20 minutes to restore your iPhone, and even new users can easily follow the steps.

Available on All Devices

From the comfort of your own home, use UnlockMaker to unlock your iPhone 14 that has an iCloud lock. Our service is accessible from any location in the world and works with a wide range of devices. You can unlock your cellphone and use all of its capabilities in a matter of minutes.

Compatible Globally

With the help of UnlockMaker, you can remotely wipe or disable activation lock from any location. Our service has been successfully tested in a number of nations, including the United States, Canada, France, and others, and is compatible with a wide range of gadgets and locations. You can resume using your device in under a minute.

Causes Why an iPhone is Locked

Why is your iPhone 14 Locked to the Owner

There are a number of factors that might cause the iPhone to become locked, including the following frequent causes:

Replacing a Broken Screen

The screen of an iPhone is susceptible to damage from collisions, drops, and other impacts. The gadget may suffer irreparable harm if the screen is destroyed, rendering it inoperable. In some circumstances, the effect may even be that the device is locked.

Additionally, the iCloud account associated with a stolen or lost iPhone will be disabled, preventing the thief from accessing or using it, after the incident has been reported to the police.

These are a few of the most frequent causes of iPhone locks. The use of an iCloud Unlock Service is one method of unlocking a locked iPhone. Remember that it’s against the law to unlock a device that has been reported lost or stolen.

Performed a Jailbreak Procedure Without Unlocking

After updating or jailbreaking the iOS, an iPhone owner who forgets to unlock their handset will find it locked and unreachable. This is due to the iOS system’s automatic locking feature, which guards against unwanted access. The user will need to unlock the device using the proper technique, such as a passcode or biometric verification, in order to regain access to it. It’s vital to remember that jailbreaking is a sort of unlocking that voids the device’s warranty and poses security risks in addition to causing software instability.

Forgetting the Password for an Apple ID iCloud Account

Your iPhone will lock itself if you forget the Apple ID or iCloud password linked to it for security purposes. With the wrong Apple ID and password combination, the device could be used without authorization. You’ll need to change your password to obtain access to your device or get in touch with Apple support for more help.


You can learn everything you need to know about UnlockMaker, a reputable and inexpensive iCloud unlocking service for the iPhone 14, in this guide. You don’t need any particular settings or conditions in order to fast unlock your device using our iCloud unlock service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions about how to unlock an iPhone 14 that is locked to its original owner are answered in this section.

What does it mean by Locked to Owner on iPhone?

When you power on or wake an iOS device protected by Activation Lock, a message stating “Locked to Owner” will appear on the screen. Activation Lock is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized reactivation of your device and keep it secure.

What are the reasons why my iPhone is Locked to the Owner?

The security function on Apple’s iPhones can lock an iPhone for a variety of reasons. This might happen if you lose your Apple login information, buy a used iPhone, jailbreak it, or stumble across a stolen or locked iPhone.

Is it Possible to Unlock an iPhone without the Assistance of the Previous Owner?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Any iOS device may be securely and irreversibly unlocked with the help of UnlockMaker, the best iCloud unlocking tool.

How can I Unlock my iPhone 14 that shows Locked to Owner message?

Contacting the prior owner for help is one method for unlocking your iPhone. If that isn’t possible, there are a number of online iCloud Activation Lock removal tools, like UnlockMaker. This tool is not only free, but also simple to use. The procedure is straightforward and doesn’t require much time. Simply visit the website, select “Start your Unlock,” and enter the necessary data to get started. UnlockMaker can rapidly unlock your locked iPhone in just a few simple steps.

Can I Unlock my iPhone without its Password?

Using our unlocking app, UnlockMaker, you can still unlock your iPhone even if you don’t have a password. Your name, a working email address, and your device’s IMEI number are all that are needed. Visit the UnlockMaker website, select “Start your Unlock,” then provide the necessary data to use the service. You can unlock your device in under 20 minutes and get rid of the “Locked to Owner” notification for good with this method.