How to Remove iPhone Locked to Owner using UnlockMaker

If you've been locked out of your device by the iPhone Locked to Owner Screen also known as iCloud Activation Lock then you have very few options left. Some of these include:

  • Bringing your iPhone to Apple with the Original Receipt
  • Resetting the Apple ID with your Credentials
  • Using UnlockMaker to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock from any iOS Device with just the IMEI or Serial Number

Thanks to our Service you don't need to go through complicated steps of recovering your ID or finding receipts, also if you're a second hand buyer and don't have a receipt this is your only option. UnlockMaker can unlock any iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad within minutes and the Unlock is permanent and stays in place for a lifetime.

apple watch
Total Time Needed: 15 minutes
Total Cost: 0 USD

Required Tools:

- A Computer, Smartphone or Tablet
- Stable Internet Connection

Things Needed?

- A Locked iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch
- Our Free Unlocking Web App

Unlocking iCloud Activation Lock Online

Start the Unlocking Wizard and choose which device you want to unlock and whether or not you have a WiFi Connection for the device
Start UnlockMaker
Step 2 : Enter Basic Info
Enter Basic Info so we can start the process of Removing iCloud Activation Lock from your device
Step 3 : Confirm Device Details
Confirm the details of your device and enter whether or not you have an IMEI or just a Serial Number
Step 4 : Enter the IMEI or Serial Number
Select if you have an IMEI or just a Serial Number and confirm the device type
Step 5 : Generate Login Details
Check the Box to generate your Login Details and verify the Captcha to create
Step 6 : Download your Login ID
Download your Login Credentials by watching the tutorial video on the page
Step 7 : Enter Login ID to Unlock
Enter the Login ID into your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to fully Unlock your Device. After you've entered your device will be Unlocked and you can skip through the setup to verify everything is working and add your own Apple ID