Unlock any iPhone from Carrier to Fix SIM Not Supported Issues

You don’t need to keep looking for an efficient unlocking method for your Carrier-Locked iPhone, UnlockMaker is the ultimate solution for that matter. In addition to the activation lock and blacklist removal service, now you can Unlock SIM Card on iPhone with UnlockMaker’s Carrier Lock Removal Program.

What is a Carrier Lock?

Cellular mobile operators (like Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) implement the “Carrier Lock” function to restrict the use of their smartphones with a different network provider. This is a standard procedure among carries around the world because of the high market competition. It is more convenient for them if you can only use the device you purchased from them with their network.

Meaning of Carrier Lock

A contract between the mobile operator and the manufacturer allows them to lock their devices to their network, this means that if you for example try to use a SIM card from another service provider, your device won’t be able to connect to that network:

  • You won’t be able to use cellular data.
  • You won’t be able to make or receive calls.
  • You won’t be able to send or receive messages.

All you will see is an error message asking for the iPhone SIM card pin. This is possible because every mobile phone (or cellular device) has an IMEI number, it is a unique code (like a personal identification number for phones) that can be used by carriers to lock the device so that all the restriction thing works.

How can a Carrier Lock Affect Me?

There are different carriers that offer different mobile plans, different benefits and that have different coverage; the issue with the carrier lock comes when you think of changing providers and want to try a different carrier. You basically are not allowed to cancel your plan with your operator because your iPhone won’t recognize any other SIM card.

Reasons Why People Prefer an Unlocked Device

These are the main reasons why people prefer to have an Unlocked Device:

  • In case you want to resell your iPhone, its retail value will decrease if it can only work with a certain carrier.
  • If you want to move out of the US or need to travel, you will need to pay for expensive roaming charges instead of just buying a temporary local SIM card while you are there.
  • If for economical or practical reasons, you want to use another network you won’t be able to do so if your iPhone is not unlocked.

Can I ask my Carrier to Remove SIM Lock?

You can definitely ask your carrier to Unlock your SIM Card restriction, however, there are of course certain requirements for them to approve the unlocking process and give you the SIM pin you need, these are:

  • You need to be the original account holder of the account (the device is linked to on their system) and of course be the original owner of the device, if not, the iPhone will be permanently locked unless you use UnlockMaker’s services.
  • You will be asked for the iPhone’s ownership documentation (proof of purchase).
  • There can be unpaid bills or any due amount if you got the phone on credit.
  • You need to be active in your plan for at least a month (it could be more, you need to check with the carrier).

The conditions change depending on the mobile operator, but it usually takes a couple of days to receive an approval and those requests are usually denied. If you want to unlock your iPhone on a more simple way, UnlockMaker is waiting for you.

Why do I Need a SIM Pin Code to Remove my iPhone SIM Card Lock?

Regardless of whether you unlock your SIM card restriction directly with your carrier or with a third-party that offers unlocking services, you will receive a SIM pin. It is like a personal unlocking key or code that removes the lock on your phone, all you need to do is enter the SIM pin on your device when you see the pop-up on the screen asking for a SIM pin or SIM code.

There is a default SIM pin that comes in the box of the iPhone when you purchase it, if you haven’t tried to use it you can, it might work, however, most of the times you need to generate another one (because the default pin expires after a couple months). If that’s the case, UnlockMaker is the online tool for the job.

UnlockMaker: How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone

After visiting UnlockMaker’s homepage, you will need to follow this instructions to Unlock your iPhone SIM Card Lock.

Provide your Information

Enter your Basic Info

To start unlocking your Carrier-Locked iPhone device, go to “Start your Unlock” tab and select “Fix SIM Not Supported & Carrier Unlock. ” After that, you will be in a new section where you will fill in a form. Enter your Name and a Valid Email Address to receive the SIM pin and a confirmation code when the order is placed. Remember that this information is very important as UnlockMaker’s free service is not meant to be used for business people so with this information, the software deserts an inappropriate use of the tool.

Enter the Phone’s Information

Enter your iPhone Info

Enter the type of device that you want to unlock (whether it is an iPhone or an iPad) and type down the IMEI number of that mobile phone. Remember that you can get the IMEI number from the iPhone’s settings app or by dialing *#060# from the iPhone. As we mentioned above, being the IMEI Number the unique identification of each phone, it is a key piece of information needed to generate the correct SIM pin code.

Watch the Video On-Screen

Watch the Video Tutorial

Before going further, it is recommendable to watch the video on-screen to have a better idea on how to proceed and how to complete the next steps to receive your SIM pin and unlock your SIM card on iPhone.

Sign up to obtain your Membership Code

If you are already a member, just enter your membership reference number and download the unlock code. If not, create an account and follow the instructions to authenticate your identity and obtain a free membership code to complete the process, and receive the unlock prompt that contains the pin you need to enter to your iPhone.

Your Carrier-Locked iPhone is Unlocked

With the newly generated Login Code for your device, you have successfully unlocked your device and can use any SIM card you want. Thanks to UnlockMaker, the best online tool to Unlock any iPhone from Carrier!

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides you the most common questions of our iPhone users for on how to Fix SIM Not Supported Issues.

What is SIM Not Supported on iPhone?

When SIM Not Supported message shows up on your device screen, that means your phone is locked to a carrier.

What does it Mean if SIM is Not Supported?

Because your iPhone is restricted to your carrier, the usual message that appears on your screen is that a SIM is Not Supported. This implies that if you switch carriers, you cannot insert a SIM Card from a different carrier.

Why is it saying SIM Not Supported on my iPhone?

One of the most common reasons why your iPhone says SIM Not Supported is because your device is locked by the carrier. Your device will require you to enter the SIM pin before you can unlock it. If you wish to Unlock your device, use UnlockMaker to get rid of SIM Not Supported issue on your iPhone.

Can I Receive and Make Calls and Messages when I have Carrier-Locked iPhone?

When you have a Carrier-Locked iPhone, you are unable to make and receive any calls and text messages. You can’t use your SIM card and its features at all until SIM is Unlocked.

How to Fix iPhone SIM Not Supported Issue?

To fix your iPhone SIM Not Supported Issue, use UnlockMaker, the Ultimate Carrier Lock Removal Tool. To get started with Unlocking SIM Card on your iPhone, visit UnlockMaker’s homepage and follow all the instructions. Don’t worry! There are only five simple and easy steps to follow. You will only provide your Name, Email, and your device’s IMEI Number. UnlockMaker will give you a Login Code for you to Unlock your device and can use any SIM card that you want.