Unlock your iPhone XS: How to Remove IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

The iPhone XS is a well-known smartphone that, with its cutting-edge features and stylish design, has completely changed the mobile market. Yet, if the phone is blacklisted or has a bad ESN, owning an iPhone XS can occasionally become frustrating. A database of phone serial numbers that have been reported as lost, stolen, or linked to fraudulent activity is known as the IMEI blacklist. On the other side, a phone with a faulty ESN is one that cannot be used on some networks because its electronic serial number is not operational.

These problems may affect the phone’s functionality, make it challenging to sell or exchange, and lower the phone’s worth. It is a serious issue for iPhone XS customers and needs an immediate fix. UnlockMaker can help with iPhone XS IMEI Blacklist Removal and BAD ESN Fix. Our free web application provides an easy-to-use method for rectifying the iPhone XS’s incorrect ESN and IMEI blacklist. UnlockMaker offers a hassle-free approach to recover your iPhone XS’s full functionality with its user-friendly interface and dependable service.

What You Need to Know about IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

Every mobile device has an individual identification number called an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). The global identification and tracking of mobile devices is done using this 15-digit number.

What is IMEI Blacklist/Bad ESN

A database of IMEI numbers that have been reported as stolen or lost is known as the “IMEI blacklist.” Even if a device is unlocked, it can no longer be utilized on any carrier network if its IMEI has been blacklisted.

Electronic serial numbers that are faulty or invalid are referred to as “bad ESNs” (Electronic Serial Numbers). A special identification number called an ESN is given to CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) devices. Although IMEI and ESN are sometimes used interchangeably, CDMA devices use ESN instead of IMEI.

IMEI Blacklist/Bad ESN Causes

  • Devices Reported as Lost or Stolen: When a device is reported as lost or stolen, this is the most frequent reason for IMEI blacklisting. The carrier will blacklist the device’s IMEI in this situation to prevent use of the device on their network.
  • Unpaid Bills: In the case that a customer does not pay their invoices, the carrier may blacklist the device’s IMEI in order to stop the user from using it on their network.
  • Fraudulent Activities: Devices that are used for fraudulent operations, such as the cloning of phone numbers or the exploitation of stolen identities, may also be blacklisted.
  • Hardware Problems: Hardware problems can occasionally render a device’s ESN invalid. If the device is fixed or altered in a way that impacts the ESN, this could occur.
  • Software problems: A device’s ESN may also become invalid due to software problems. If the device is jailbroken or rooted, or if the software is changed in any way that affects the ESN, this may occur.

It is significant to highlight that it may be challenging or even impossible to have a device removed from the blacklist once it has a poor ESN or has been blacklisted. The device might need to be completely replaced in some circumstances. Furthermore, even if they are unlocked, devices with blacklists or bad ESNs could not be able to be enabled on any carrier networks. This might significantly lower the device’s value and make selling or trading it in a challenge.

Always purchase devices from trustworthy sources, and check the device’s IMEI or ESN before purchasing to ensure it is not banned or has a faulty ESN. This will help you prevent acquiring a device with a bad ESN or blacklisting.

Why IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN Matter

Terms used to indicate the status of a mobile phone that has been reported lost, stolen, or involved in fraudulent activity include IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) blacklist and poor ESN (Electronic Serial Number). The functioning, resale value, and general marketability of the phone may all be significantly impacted by this blacklisting.

Why do IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN Matter

Impact on Phone Functionality

The functioning of the phone is the area where IMEI blacklisting and poor ESN have the most direct effects. When a phone gets blacklisted, it is essentially turned off and cannot be used on the network of the original carrier. As a result, the phone is unable to place or receive calls, send text messages, or access data services. The phone may occasionally still be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks, although this is not always the case.

Difficulty in Selling or Trading the Phone

A phone with a faulty IMEI or blacklisted ESN is considerably harder to sell or trade than one with a good ESN. This is due to the fact that the majority of carriers will not let blacklisted phones use their networks, rendering the phone essentially unusable to most prospective customers. For components or to use on a different network, a buyer might occasionally be ready to buy a blacklisted phone, but they will normally offer a significantly lower price than they would for a phone with a clean IMEI and ESN.

Loss of Value for the Phone

A blacklisted or bad ESN phone’s worth is directly impacted by the loss of its functioning and marketability. Even if the two phones are otherwise identical, a phone with a clean IMEI and ESN can often be sold for a significantly higher price than a phone that is blacklisted. It is crucial to safeguard your phone’s IMEI and ESN because this potential loss of value can be significant.

The Easiest iPhone XS IMEI Blacklist Removal and BAD ESN Fix

With UnlockMaker, you can get help with correcting a problematic ESN and removing an iPhone XS from the IMEI blacklist. An instruction manual for using our unlocking service for these reasons can be found below.

Visit the Website

Start your iPhone XS IMEI Blacklist Removal and BAD ESN Fix

You can use these quick steps to start the unlocking process. Go to the website and look for the “Blacklist & Bad ESN Removal” section first. You can “Start your Unlock” by clicking the button that is located beneath this section. It can be clicked to start the process.

Your name and an active email address are two pieces of information you must have before continuing. This is so that UnlockMaker may send you updates on the status of your request using your email address. A functioning email account is necessary to guarantee that you get crucial updates promptly and without any delays. It is crucial to confirm that your email account is current and active before starting the unlocking procedure.

Provide Device Type and IMEI

Enter your iPhone's Info

You will require a specific technique depending on the device’s IMEI number in order to unlock an iPad or iPhone that has been blacklisted. Choose your device from the list of Apple devices that have been blocked first. Your device must be unlocked just for it, thus no other model information is needed.

The IMEI number of your device must be known before you begin because the unlocking method depends on it. Once you have entered your IMEI, click “Start Blacklist Unlock.” This will enable typical use and restore access to all the capabilities on your smartphone.

Watch an Important Video Clip

Watch the Video-Tutorial

It is crucial that you watch a thorough how-to video that will walk you through the procedure if you want to take your IMEI off the blacklist. You can be confident you have all the knowledge you need to effectively complete the blacklist removal process after watching this video. It is advised that you complete a reCAPTCHA for security reasons after watching the video. This will ensure that the process is secure and help thwart any nefarious attempts to obtain your information. The next step after completing the reCAPTCHA is to register your device. By doing so, you will be able to monitor the removal of your name from the blacklist and make sure everything is going according to plan. You may quickly get your device back to working normally by following these easy steps and paying attention to the directions in the how-to video.

Enjoy your Unlocked iPhone XS!

Sign Up for a Free Membership

One more step is necessary to complete the IMEI Blacklist Removal procedure, and that is to register with UnlockMaker. This is a crucial step in making sure your identify is authentic and secure. After your registration and identity have been successfully verified, you will get thorough instructions that are specially designed for the iOS version of your iPhone. To unlock your device easily and securely, sign up with UnlockMaker.

You may regain complete control over your iPhone’s functionality by using the clear and simple instructions supplied by UnlockMaker. You may be sure that UnlockMaker will make the unlocking process simple and stress-free. Do not put it off any longer; sign up for UnlockMaker right away to start the process of unlocking your iPhone and releasing its full potential.

What Benefits Will you Get on Using UnlockMaker?

Pros of Using UnlockMaker

An internet tool called UnlockMaker offers iPhone unlocking services. You can use it to unlock your device so that you can use any carrier, wherever you are, with it. This tool is available online, is cost-free, secure, and permanently unlocks any iPhone model. Below are the advantages of utilizing UnlockMaker.

  1. Available Online: One of UnlockMaker’s biggest benefits is that it is available online, so you can unlock your iPhone without leaving your home. To access the tool, you only need a device with an internet connection. Users may now conveniently unlock their devices from the comfort of their homes or workplaces thanks to this.
  2. Free: UnlockMaker’s availability for no cost is still another benefit. UnlockMaker offers its services gratis, in contrast to other unlocking businesses that demand a steep fee. For individuals who wish to unlock their iPhones without spending a lot of money, this makes it a cost-effective option.
  3. Safe and Reliable: UnlockMaker is a tool that may be used with confidence. It makes sure that your iPhone is safe and secure by unlocking it using the most recent technology. The tool’s purpose is to safeguard your device’s firmware and keep it from getting harmed when being unlocked.
  4. Permanent: Use UnlockMaker to unlock your iPhone, and it will be permanently unlocked. As a result, even if you upgrade your iOS or reset your device, you will not again have to worry about it being locked again. You can use the unlock with any carrier, anywhere in the world, and it will stay in place.
  5. Works on All iPhone Models: UnlockMaker is compatible with all iPhone models, even the newest ones like the iPhone 12. This means that regardless of the device’s model or iOS version, you can use the program to unlock it.

Wrapping Up

UnlockMaker is a convenient, cost-effective, secure, and trustworthy for permanently unlocking iPhones. Anyone who wants to unlock their iPhone XS will find it to be the best option because it is available online, free of charge, and compatible with all iPhone models.

People Also Asked

Several of our readers have contacted us with inquiries about the BAD ESN cure and IMEI blacklist removal for the iPhone XS. These are typical problems that iPhone XS owners could experience, and it can be difficult to know how to fix them. Here are some of the most typical queries we have had, along with our responses.

What is an IMEI blacklist?

A collection of IMEI numbers that have been reported as stolen or lost is known as an IMEI blacklist. Any carrier will not allow the usage of an iPhone XS with a blacklisted IMEI because it is seen as a stolen device.

How can I check if my iPhone XS IMEI is blacklisted?

A website that offers IMEI blacklist checking services, like IMEI.info, can be used to verify the status of your iPhone XS IMEI. The website will inform you if your device is banned when you enter the IMEI number of your device.

Can an iPhone XS IMEI be removed from the blacklist?

An iPhone XS IMEI can be removed from the blacklist. This usually entails getting in touch with the carrier that blacklisted the device and presenting ownership documentation. The gadget can subsequently be used with any carrier if the carrier agrees to remove the blacklist. If you want an unlocked device quickly and easily, you can also use UnlockMaker.

What is a BAD ESN?

A device with a BAD ESN is one that has an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) connected to a different carrier or account. This may happen if the device has been used with an unapproved carrier or has been reported lost or stolen.

Will I be able to use my phone if it is blacklisted?

Your iPhone XS will not work with any carrier if its IMEI has been blacklisted. Carriers will not permit a device with a blacklisted IMEI to be used on their network since it is a list of IMEI numbers that have been reported as lost or stolen. As a result, you will not be able to use your phone’s data, send texts, or make calls until the blacklist has been cleared.