How to Unlock iPhone Locked to AT&T

If you have an iPhone that is Locked to AT&T, you may be having difficulty using it with a different carrier. This is because AT&T uses a special type of lock, known as a carrier lock or SIM lock, to prevent you from using the device with other carriers.

How to Use UnlockMaker to Unlock iPhone Locked to AT&T

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem: using UnlockMaker’s free online carrier unlock app. This app allows you to unlock your iPhone remotely, using just your device’s IMEI number. The unlock is permanent and completely safe for your device.

To use UnlockMaker’s free online carrier unlock app, simply follow these steps:

Visit UnlockMaker’s website and click on the “Start your Unlock” tab. Then choose “Fix SIM Not Supported & Carrier Unlock.” On the new page, you will be asked to enter your Name and Email Address. Provide a Valid Email Address as the Unlocking app will send you the Unlock Code in your email.

Enter your Basic Info

After you have entered your name and email, you will be in a new section where you will fill in some information about your phone. Select “Any iPhone” then enter the IMEI Number of your device. Your IMEI can typically be found by dialing *#06# on your device’s keypad.

Enter your iPhone Info

To help you make your unlocking process easier, you must watch the Video Tutorial.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Follow all the instructions to receive your Unlock Code. Enter the code into your device to successfully remove the carrier lock from your iPhone. At this point, your iPhone is now Permanently Unlocked and can be used with any carrier.

Your Carrier-Locked iPhone is Unlocked

It’s important to note that this unlock is permanent, which means that you will not need to repeat the process in the future. Your iPhone will remain unlocked even if you update its software or reset it to factory settings.

Why does AT&T Carrier Lock their iPhones?

AT&T carrier locks their iPhones to ensure that customers cannot switch to a different carrier without first obtaining permission from AT&T. Carrier locks are a common practice among mobile carriers, as they allow the carrier to control which network a device can be used on.

There are several reasons why AT&T may choose to lock their iPhones. One of the main reasons is to protect their investment in the device. When a customer signs a contract with AT&T, the carrier typically subsidizes the cost of the iPhone, making it more affordable for the customer. In return, the customer agrees to use the device with AT&T’s network for a specified period of time.

Reasons why does AT&T Locks their iPhones

By locking the iPhone, AT&T is able to ensure that the customer upholds their end of the contract and continues to use the device with AT&T’s network. If the customer tries to switch to a different carrier without obtaining permission from AT&T, the device will not be able to connect to the new carrier’s network.

Another reason why AT&T may choose to lock their iPhones is to prevent customers from using the device with a different carrier’s network, which could potentially harm AT&T’s business. For example, if a customer were able to switch to a different carrier that offers lower prices or better coverage, they may be less likely to renew their contract with AT&T when it expires.

Additionally, carrier locks can also help prevent fraud and protect against unauthorized use of a device. By requiring customers to obtain permission from AT&T before switching to a different carrier, AT&T is able to ensure that only authorized users are able to use the device on its network.

Use UnlockMaker to Remove Carrier Lock

UnlockMaker’s free online carrier unlock app is a safe and effective way to unlock your iPhone if it is locked to Verizon. The unlock is permanent and does not require any special technical skills or equipment. Simply follow the steps outlined above to unlock your device and enjoy the freedom to use it with any carrier.