How to do an iPhone Carrier Unlock to use any SIM Card

In this quick guide, you will learn how to Remove the SIM Lock from your iPhone using the Best Unlocking App on the internet. UnlockMaker is the best option to securely and Successfully Unlock your iPhone so it can operate with any carrier you want.

What Happens to a Carrier-Locked iPhone?

A carrier-locked iPhone (also known as SIM lock or network lock) has a restriction to getting connected to different carriers. It is unable to operate with a different network provider than the one you currently have.

It is hard to notice at first whether your iPhone is locked or not because this lock does not restrict or affect any other function of the device, it’s just when you try to use a SIM card from a different carrier that you realize it asks for a code for it to recognize it.

How to Confirm if my iPhone Supports a Different SIM Card

There are two ways of confirming if you can use a SIM from a different network carrier:

Check on Settings

Go to the Settings of your iPhone

If you go to the settings app of your iPhone, click on “General”, and then on “About”, you will see the “Carrier Lock” tab along with other device details. If your device is unlocked, you must see a message saying “No SIM restrictions.”

If you don’t see that message then your iPhone has a SIM lock and you will need to start the unlocking process with UnlockMaker for your iPhone to accept the new network.

Try a New SIM Card

Try a New SIM Card

When you insert a SIM card from a different carrier on a locked iPhone, you will see an error message on your screen saying “SIM Not Valid” or “SIM Not Supported”.

If that’s the case, you definitely have a locked iPhone, if not, your device will be able to get connected with the new carrier meaning that is unlocked.

Is it possible to have my iPhone Unlocked with UnlockMaker?

The unlocking program that UnlockMaker offers is 100% free and is the most effective one on market,. With UnlockMaker, you can remove the SIM lock established by your current carrier, so you can switch carriers whenever you want.

UnlockMaker has the easiest and fastest unlocking process, and the unlock code that you receive (the one that removes the SIM lock) will permanently unlock your iPhone regardless of future software updates, the iPhone model, or what the locking service provider is (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.).

Does this Unlock Affect the Phone’s Warranty?

The answer is no, Unlocking iPhones is not illegal and it does not affect the device’s warranty. In fact, carriers themselves can Unlock your iPhone if you ask them to do so (you need to contact your carrier), the only issue is that they take a lot of time to authorize it and require you to meet certain conditions that change depending on what the network carrier is (but that most of the people don’t meet anyway).

That’s why Apple iPhone users prefer to use another alternative like UnlockMaker to unlock their devices. With us, your iPhone will be automatically unlocked and also permanently unlocked (which means this is something you just need to do once).

How to Unlock iPhone with UnlockMaker

Here are the easy-to-follow instructions for you to Unlock your iPhone with UnlockMaker in a couple of minutes. Remember to have the device’s IMEI Number and a Valid Email Address ready.

Open the Unlocking App

Go to Start your Unlock Tab to Start Unlocking your iPhone

The very first thing you have to do is to visit UnlockMaker’s website and from the menu bar located on the top of the page, drag your mouse to the “Start your Unlock” tab. From there, just scroll down until you find the “Fix SIM Not Supported & Carrier Unlock” option and click on it.

Start your Free Carrier Lock Removal

Enter your Basic Info

To start your free SIM lock removal, you’ll need to fill in the form on-screen, just enter your Name and a Valid Email Address (please acknowledge that you have entered a Valid and Working email by clicking on the check box that says “My Email is Valid (We will send your Confirmation Code there!).”

Click “Next” to continue.

Enter the iPhone’s Information

Enter your iPhone Info

First, you will need to select whether you want to unlock an iPhone or a Cellular iPad (remember that there are other Apple devices that have SIM card trays and can be carrier locked).

Also, enter the iPhone’s IMEI number, you don’t need to enter any more details about the device like the iPhone model because the IMEI number has that information.

Watch the Tutorial Video

Watch the Video Tutorial

There is a tutorial video that we recommend you watch before continuing, it will be on the screen after you introduce the iPhone’s IMEI and continue. The video is a visual aid that will better guide you and will make the whole authentication process faster and easier.

Sign In and Finish the Process

You will receive a reference number on the email address you entered before, this reference number works also as a membership code for you to sign into your account (which is necessary for the app to process the unlocking code under a profile).

Your Carrier-Locked iPhone is Unlocked

After entering the reference number on the website, just follow the on-screen instructions to remove the iPhone carrier restriction and have an unlocked phone that can work on other networks from now on. Remember to carefully follow the instructions because those change on some iPhone models.

Other Unlocking Services offered by UnlockMaker

If your iPhone is locked but it doesn’t have to do with the network carrier, remember that the SIM Unlock is a relatively new service and UnlockMaker has been helping people with Activation Locks, Blacklisted iPhones, and Locked to Owner devices for a long time.

So in case you are interested, just check out UnlockMaker’s official web page (there is a blog full of other guides for you to unlock your phone easier) to see if the specific unlocking software you need is available. Remember that all the iPhone unlocking tools are completely free of charge and are ready to use 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any inquiries regarding how our Unlocking App works, we are here to guide you. Here you may find answers to some of the most common questions asked by our users on how to do an iPhone Carrier Unlock.

What is SIM Lock on iPhone?

SIM Lock is a security function that prevents the iPhone user to use a different network carrier. The “SIM Not Supported” will appear on your screen, and will ask you for a code for the device to recognize the new network.

Is there a way to Switch Carrier on my Carrier-Locked iPhone?

You can switch carrier whenever you want using UnlockMaker. By using the Best Unlocking App on the internet, you can Safely Unlock your iPhone, so you can use any carrier you want.

How can I Know if my iPhone has a SIM Lock?

If you check your settings on your iPhone device, and you don’t see a message saying “No SIM restrictions” from the Carrier Lock tab, then your iPhone has a SIM Lock. If you also tried a new SIM Card and a message stating “SIM Not Supported” shows up on your screen, you definitely have a Carrier-Locked iPhone.

Can I remove the SIM Lock from my iPhone?

The answer for that is YES. Using UnlockMaker, you can Instantly Unlock your Carrier-Locked iPhone. The steps are easy. After you follow all the instructions, the Unlocking app will provide you an Unlock Code which you will enter on your device to Remove the SIM Lock from your iPhone.

How to Remove the SIM Lock from my iPhone?

With UnlockMaker, you can Remove the SIM Lock from your iPhone device. All you need to do is to open the Unlocking App, go to the “Start your Unlock” tab, and choose “Fix SIM Not Supported & Carrier Unlock” option. Provide all the relevant details such as your Name, Email, and the iPhone’s IMEI Number, and you can finally operate with any carrier on your iPhone.