Unlock your iPhone 13: How to Remove IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

One of the most frequent causes of a locked iPhone 13 is that it has an IMEI blacklist or a faulty ESN, if you have ever bought a used iPhone 13 or upgraded to a new model only to discover that it is locked. The Electronic Serial Number (ESN) is a special number that uniquely identifies your phone’s network, whereas the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a special number that uniquely identifies your iPhone. The carrier may put an iPhone 13 on a blacklist and change its ESN to a bad one, making it hard to activate or use after it has been reported lost, stolen, or underpaid.

Because you can use your iPhone 13 on any network and take it abroad with you, it is essential to unlock your iPhone 13. Also, as unlocked iPhones are more in demand than locked ones, unlocking your iPhone 13 raises its resale value.

Our free web application UnlockMaker can conduct iPhone 13 IMEI blacklist removal and bad ESN fix. UnlockMaker has grown to be one of the most often used tools for unlocking iPhones thanks to its simple interface and speedy procedure.

Understanding IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

A phone that has been reported as lost, stolen, or unpaid for is known by the terms IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN. Although they frequently refer to the same object, these words have different meanings. The terms “IMEI Blacklist” and “Bad ESN” refer to the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and the Electronic Serial Number, respectively (ESN).

What is IMEI and ESN

Every mobile phone has been given a unique identification number, or IMEI. When a phone is lost or stolen, a 15-digit code is used to identify and locate it. While an ESN is a comparable identification, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phones are the only ones that use it. Both of these numbers are used to identify a phone and may be used to blacklist a phone in the event that it is misplaced, stolen, or unpaid for.

Why is my iPhone 13 Blacklisted?

When a phone gets blacklisted, it indicates that access to particular services has been denied to it. This can entail using the phone, sending texts, or using the internet. A number of things, including the phone being reported as lost or stolen or being linked to fraudulent conduct, could be the cause of the blacklist.

  • Reported as Lost or Stolen: Being reported as lost or stolen is one of the most frequent causes of an iPhone being placed on a blacklist. The carrier will frequently blacklist the iPhone when it is reported lost or stolen in order to stop it from being used on their network. In order to stop the thief from using the phone to make calls or access the internet, this is done.
  • Unpaid Bills: The previous owner of an iPhone might not have paid for it, which is another reason why it might be blacklisted. People frequently sign a contract when purchasing an iPhone from a carrier, committing to pay for the device over a specific length of time. The carrier may blacklist the phone if the owner does not make their payments in order to stop it from being used on their network.
  • Involved in a Fraudulent Activity: An iPhone could occasionally be blacklisted if it is connected to fraudulent activities. This can entail making fraudulent phone transactions or carrying out other illicit actions. If this occurs, the carrier could put the phone on a blacklist to stop it from being used on their network.

Checking the IMEI number of a used iPhone to make sure it is not blacklisted is crucial if you are thinking about purchasing one. You can do this by getting in touch with the carrier or by utilizing an IMEI checking tool online. If the phone is banned, it might not work on the carrier’s network and you might have to buy a new one.

Step-by-Step Guide to using UnlockMaker to Remove IMEI Blacklist

Even though unlocking a banned phone might be a frustrating task, UnlockMaker makes it quick and simple. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to unlock your phone from the IMEI blacklist so that you can use it normally once more.

Enter your Basic Info

Start your iPhone 13 IMEI blacklist removal and Bad ESN fix

Visit the UnlockMaker website to unlock your phone, remove it from a blacklist, or resolve an ESN issue. “Blacklist & Poor ESN Removal” can be selected when you click “Start your Unlock.” To get started, enter your name and a working email address. To avoid delays, make sure your email address is up to date because UnlockMaker will connect with you via email.

Provide your iPhone 13 IMEI Number

Enter your iPhone's Info

You will be asked to choose the blacklisted Apple device you want to unlock as part of the unlocking process; this might be an iPhone or an iPad. The customization of the unlocking process to the particular device in question is made possible by this key stage. The good news is that since the relevant information will be automatically retrieved from the device’s distinctive IMEI number, you do not need to supply any further information regarding the device model.

For your iPhone or iPad to be successfully unlocked, the IMEI number is a crucial code. It acts as a distinctive identification for your device, enabling the unlocking procedure to be tailored to your device’s particular requirements. So, before starting the unlocking process, it is crucial that you have access to your IMEI number.

You can enter your IMEI number and choose “Start Blacklist Unlock” to continue the unlocking process once you have it. This will start the unlocking process for your device, giving you access to all of its features once more.

Must Watch the Video 

Watch the Video-Tutorial

By placing an order, you have taken all the necessary actions to remove an iPhone from the IMEI blacklist. But, you must finish the authentication process before your iPhone may be fully unlocked. To do this, you must watch a full instructional video that will guide you through each stage of the process.

You will be required to complete a reCAPTCHA after watching the tutorial video in order to confirm your identity and prevent fraudulent and unlawful access. The procedure’ security is ensured in large part by the reCAPTCHA. You will be taken to the sign-up page where you can establish an account and continue with the last steps of the IMEI blacklist removal process after completing the reCAPTCHA successfully.

Finish Unlocking your iPhone

Sign Up for a Free Membership

Although the IMEI Blacklist Removal procedure is free, you must first register with UnlockMaker in order to complete it. This is a security step to safeguard your identity and private data. You will be given instructions to unlock your blacklisted iPhone after your identification has been confirmed. To finish the process and utilize your fully functional iPhone, adhere to the instructions based on the iOS version of your device.

Advantages of using UnlockMaker

iPhones may be unlocked from network operators using the well-known internet program UnlockMaker. It provides customers who need to unlock their iPhones for various reasons with a number of benefits. The following are a few benefits of utilizing UnlockMaker:

Reasons Why You Should Use UnlockMaker
  1. Fast and Reliable: UnlockMaker is renowned for its quick and dependable service. In comparison to other unlocking techniques, which can take days or even weeks, the unlocking procedure can be finished in a matter of minutes. UnlockMaker is the best choice for customers who need to use their iPhones with a different carrier right away due to its short turnaround time.
  2. Internet Accessibility: UnlockMaker is an online service, so users can access it from any location in the world as long as they have access to the internet. Because to its accessibility, UnlockMaker is a practical choice for those who do not have access to local physical unlocking services.
  3. Free to Use: The fact that UnlockMaker is totally free to use is one of its main benefits. Consumers can save a lot of money by using this way to unlock their iPhones because there are no fees involved, as opposed to other unlocking techniques that can run into the hundreds of dollars.
  4. Safe Unlock: UnlockMaker has been put to the test by millions of users all around the world and is a safe and secure tool. It offers a high success rate for unlocking iPhones without breaking the device, and it protects users’ personal information using cutting-edge encryption technology.
  5. Permanent Unlock: UnlockMaker provides users with a permanent unlock option, allowing them to keep using their iPhones with any carrier even after updating their OS or switching SIM cards. UnlockMaker is a dependable choice for customers who need to use their iPhones with multiple carriers for an extended period of time due to its permanent fix.
  6. Works on Any iPhone: UnlockMaker is compatible with all iPhone models, independent of the carrier or place of manufacture. Because of its broad compatibility, UnlockMaker is a great choice for folks who have iPhones from many carriers or who frequently travel and need to use their iPhones with various carriers in various countries.

UnlockMaker is a quick, dependable, easily available, cost-free, secure, and all-purpose solution for unlocking iPhones. It is a well-liked option among iPhone owners worldwide because it offers a permanent unlock solution that enables users to use their iPhones with any network. UnlockMaker is unquestionably a viable option if you need to unlock your iPhone.

In a Nutshell

The flexibility to use your iPhone 13 with any network, better pricing and plans, and worldwide use are just a few advantages that come with unlocking your device. It is crucial to keep in mind, nevertheless, that unlocking your iPhone occasionally puts your warranty at risk or compromises its security.

Using a trusted and secure service like UnlockMaker.com can be a wise decision if you have decided to unlock your iPhone 13. The service offers a permanent unlock solution that enables you to use your iPhone with any carrier, and it is quick, dependable, accessible, free, safe, and universal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gotten a lot of inquiries from people about the IMEI blacklist removal and Bad ESN rectification for the iPhone 13. It is crucial to realize that IMEI blacklist removal and ESN correction are two distinct processes with different goals. Let us look at some of the queries our readers have sent to us regarding the IMEI blacklist removal and Bad ESN cure for the iPhone 13:

What happens when an iPhone’s IMEI is blacklisted?

The IMEI number of an iPhone has been added to a database of blacklisted devices when the device has been reported as lost, stolen, or connected to fraudulent activity. The carrier or the maker of the gadget does this to prevent the usage of the device on any network.

When a device’s IMEI is blacklisted, it can no longer connect to any carrier network and is therefore inoperable on any carrier network. This implies that the device will not be able to use cellular internet services, send or receive text messages, or place or receive calls.

It is crucial to remember that once an iPhone’s IMEI has been blacklisted, the user cannot undo it. To have the IMEI removed from the blacklist database, the user must get in touch with the carrier or the maker of the device. Very likely, ownership documentation will be needed for this procedure.

Can I remove the IMEI blacklist on my iPhone 13?

Yes, it is possible to remove the IMEI blacklist on an iPhone 13, although doing so may prove challenging if you ask your carrier for assistance. To request the removal, get in touch with the carrier or the maker of the device and present identification. But with UnlockMaker, the procedure is quick, secure, and cost-free, and all you need to do to unlock your iPhone is enter its IMEI number.

Can I use an iPhone 13 with a Bad ESN on a different network?

No, a bad ESN device cannot be connected to any network. Before it may be activated once more, the device needs to be repaired or replaced.

Can I sell an iPhone 13 with a Bad ESN?

Selling an iPhone 13 with a bad ESN is not advised because the buyer will not be able to activate the handset on any networks. Before to selling the equipment, it is best to correct the Bad ESN.

How do I check if my iPhone 13 has a Bad ESN?

By contacting the carrier and supplying the device’s IMEI number, you can find out if your iPhone 13 has a bad ESN. You can get information on any unresolved issues with the device from the carrier.