Unlock your iPhone 11: How to Remove IMEI Blacklist and Bad ESN

Your mobile device has a special identification number called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Carriers track and keep track of a device’s usage on their network using the IMEI number. Yet occasionally, the carrier may blacklist the IMEI number for numerous reasons, such as theft, loss, or unpaid bills. A gadget becomes useless if its IMEI number is blacklisted because it cannot be utilized on the carrier’s network. On the other side, a device with a broken electronic serial number is referred to as having a bad ESN. This means that the device is effectively a paperweight because it cannot be activated on any network.

A bad ESN can be fixed and the IMEI blacklist can be removed using the free web application UnlockMaker. Our program is simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge. To unlock your cellphone, simply input your IMEI number, name, valid email address, and choose the model of your device. You may quickly recover your device’s complete functioning with UnlockMaker. It is the easiest solution for iPhone 11 IMEI Blacklist Removal and BAD ESN Fix.

What is IMEI Blacklist/Bad ESN and What Causes it?

Every mobile device has a unique 15-digit code called an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) that the manufacturer assigns to it in order to identify it on the international market. A database of IMEI numbers that have been reported as stolen, lost, or connected to fraud is known as an IMEI blacklist. A gadget is essentially “blacklisted” and rendered useless on the network it was designed for when it is placed to an IMEI blacklist.

A device with a bad ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is one whose internal software or hardware prevents it from being activated on a wireless network. Similar to the IMEI, the ESN is a special identifier for a device that is used to trace a device’s activation and use on a certain network. A device that has a poor ESN cannot be enabled on the network and is therefore essentially worthless.

Causes of IMEI Blacklist/Bad ESN

An IMEI or ESN may be blacklisted or tagged as bad for a number of reasons. Common causes include, among others:

  1. Devices reported as lost or stolen: The owner of a mobile device usually calls their carrier to report the loss. The device will then no longer function on the network it was designed for if the carrier adds its IMEI to an IMEI blacklist.
  2. Fraudulent usage: The carrier may put a device’s IMEI to an IMEI blacklist if it is used fraudulently, such as to make unlawful purchases. This is carried out to stop additional fraudulent activity on the network.
  3. Unpaid accounts: In the event that a consumer fails to pay their device bill, the carrier may add the device’s IMEI to an IMEI blacklist, rendering it inoperable on the network.
  4. Software or hardware problems: A device may be designated as having a poor ESN if a software or hardware problem prevents it from being activated on a network. This may occur if a gadget has been incorrectly manufactured, repaired, or altered.

It is significant to highlight that it is unlikely that the problem can be fixed once a device has been blacklisted or designated as having a poor ESN. The device will not usually be able to be activated on any network and will continue to be blacklisted or tagged as bad.

Advantages of iPhone 11 IMEI Blacklist Removal and BAD ESN Fixed

Every mobile device has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is used by mobile network carriers to monitor the device and restrict it from being used on their network in the event that it is reported lost or stolen. The IMEI of a device gets banned when it is reported lost or stolen, making it unable to use the device on any network until the blacklist status is cleared.

On the other hand, a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) device’s ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is a special identifier that is used by the network to identify and authenticate the device. When a device’s ESN is deemed to be poor, it signifies that it has an issue that prevents the network from recognizing it and that it cannot be utilized on the network.

Benefits of iPhone 11 IMEI Blacklist Removal and BAD ESN Fixed

The device and its owner can get a number of advantages from removing the IMEI blacklist and correcting a flawed ESN. The benefits of removing bad ESNs and IMEIs from blacklists are as follows:

Increased Resale Value

A device’s resale value is greatly decreased when it is blacklisted or has a bad ESN. Customers are hesitant to buy a device that cannot be connected to a network, hence the price is frequently quite cheap. The gadget is made useable once again and gains in resale value when the blacklist status is removed or the problematic ESN is fixed. This is so that the purchaser is not constrained to a particular network and the gadget can now be used on any network. This improves the device’s appeal to purchasers and raises the possibility that it will fetch a greater price.

Better Network Compatibility

Devices that are blacklisted or have bad ESNs can only be used on a select few networks, if they can even be used at all. The device can be used on any network if the blacklist status is removed or the problematic ESN is fixed, offering the owner more flexibility and options. This implies that there will not be any compatibility concerns if the owner chooses to switch to a different network or use the device while visiting another country.

Improved Device Functionality

On occasion, a blacklisted or bad ESN device may only have a few features or not function at all. This is due to the network’s inability to identify the device and offer it the required services. The device can be made functioning once again by removing the blacklist status or repairing the bad ESN. This denotes that the owner may utilize the gadget for the activities for which it was designed, like making calls, sending texts, and browsing the internet.

How to Remove IMEI Blacklist and Fix Bad ESN using UnlockMaker

Bad ESN and IMEI blacklists might render your phone useless and keep you from using specific services. Thankfully, there is a fix for this issue. Your phone can be simply made useable again by fixing the faulty ESN and removing it from the IMEI blacklist with UnlockMaker.

A quick and dependable solution to this issue is offered by the internet program UnlockMaker. It unlocks your phone quickly and is compatible with all major carriers. Here’s how to use UnlockMaker to correct the flawed ESN and remove the IMEI blacklist:

Begin Unlocking your iPhone 11

Enter your Basic Info

To start the unlocking process, simply go to the website and click “Start your Unlock” under “Blacklist & Bad ESN Removal” to begin the procedure.

Your name and an active email address are two pieces of information you should have ready before continuing. This is an important step because UnlockMaker will contact you via email to keep you informed of the progress of your request. In order to avoid delays and ensure that you can receive critical updates on time, it is imperative to have an active email account.

Fill in your Device Information

Enter your iPhone's Info

A specialized method based on the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your device is needed to unlock your iPad or iPhone if it has been placed on a blacklist. You must first choose your device from the list of Apple devices that have been blocked before you can start the process. It is vital to note that because the unlocking procedure will be precisely created using your device’s IMEI number, you will not need to supply any more information about the model of your device.

The IMEI number is essential to the unlocking procedure since it enables a customized strategy that is exclusive to your device. Hence, before beginning the unlocking process, you must know your device’s IMEI number.

Enter your IMEI number and click “Start Blacklist Unlock” to continue. This quick move will give you back access to all of your device’s features and allow you to use it normally.

A Significant Clip to Watch

Watch the Video-Tutorial

It is crucial to watch a how-to video if you want to successfully remove your IMEI from the blacklist. Fill out a reCAPTCHA for security after the video. Then register to keep the blacklist-removing process going. Your gadget will work again if you adhere to the instructions.

Sign Up to Unlock your Device Permanently

Sign Up for a Free Membership

Register with UnlockMaker to finish the IMEI Blacklist Removal process. After your registration and identification have been verified, you will get instructions. The directions are simple to follow and customized for the iOS version of your iPhone. Join UnlockMaker today for a quick and secure unlocking process. To reclaim total control of your iPhone’s features, adhere to the instructions.

Why UnlockMaker is the Best Online Unlocking App?

For a number of reasons, UnlockMaker is regarded as one of the best online unlocking applications. Let us examine the four factors that make UnlockMaker the finest online unlocking program in more detail.

Benefits of using UnlockMaker
  • Free Service: One of UnlockMaker’s greatest benefits is that it provides its services without charge. UnlockMaker offers consumers a quick and inexpensive option to unlock their devices without having to spend a dime, in contrast to many other unlocking apps that need a price for their services. For individuals on a tight budget or who simply do not want to spend money on unlocking their devices, this makes it a great option.
  • User-friendly interface: UnlockMaker also has a very user-friendly UI. The software has been created with the user in mind, making it simple to use even for individuals with little to no technological knowledge. Users will find it simple to unlock their devices because to the interface’s clear instructions and basic design.
  • Quick and Dependable: UnlockMaker is renowned for providing quick and dependable service. The app has a high success rate in doing so and is made to unlock smartphones in a couple of minutes. This is significant because it allows users to quickly unlock and prepare their devices for usage. Users can rely on the app to unlock their devices accurately and effectively because it is dependable and has a low error rate.
  • No technical expertise required: One of the best things about UnlockMaker is that it does not require any technical knowledge to operate. This implies that the program may be used easily even by those who are unfamiliar with the technical details of unlocking devices. The app’s user interface is clear and uncomplicated, enabling users to quickly unlock their smartphones. This makes it the perfect option for people who do not understand the technical parts of unlocking devices but still want to unlock them for free.

In Summary

A mobile device’s functional operation and resale value depend on the removal of an IMEI blacklist and the correction of a bad ESN. An IMEI that has been blacklisted may prevent a device from connecting to some networks or using some services, rendering it all but unusable. On the other hand, a bad ESN can prevent a device from joining a network, rendering it utterly worthless.

For removing IMEI blacklists and correcting bad ESNs, UnlockMaker offers a quick and efficient solution. The procedure entails examining the device’s IMEI status, identifying the root cause of any blacklisting or flawed ESNs, and then outlining the essential actions for doing so.

It is crucial to remember that depending on the carrier and the model of the device, the procedure for removing an IMEI blacklist or correcting a bad ESN can change. As a result, it is advised to use the services of a reputable and knowledgeable company like UnlockMaker to guarantee the procedure is completed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions by Readers

With the popularity of the iPhone 11 among smartphone users have emerged a number of inquiries about the device’s IMEI blacklist status and BAD ESN correction. We have been getting questions from readers concerning these topics, so we thought we would answer some of the most popular ones.

What is IMEI blacklist and how does it affect my iPhone 11?

A list of devices that have been reported lost or stolen is called the IMEI blacklist. Your iPhone 11 might not be able to connect to specific carrier networks or download software upgrades if its IMEI is listed on the blacklist.

What is BAD ESN, and how does it affect my iPhone 11?

A device with a bad electronic serial number (BAD ESN) is one that can no longer be utilized on specific carrier networks. Several things, such as water damage, software flaws, and hardware issues, might contribute to this.

How can I check if my iPhone 11’s IMEI is blacklisted?

By going to a website that offers IMEI blacklist check services, you can determine whether the IMEI associated with your iPhone 11 is blacklisted. You may check if your smartphone is on the blacklist by entering the IMEI number on the website.

How to find the IMEI number of my device?

There are numerous ways to locate the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your device:

  • On the actual device: Locate the “Model” information on the back of your iPhone 11. Beside to it will be a listing of the IMEI number. On your iPhone, you may also locate the IMEI number by heading to “Settings” > “General” > “About.”
  • On the label of the original package for your iPhone 11, you should find the IMEI number.
  • Using your iPhone 11’s keypad, enter *#06# using the device’s software. The IMEI number will be shown on the screen as a result.
  • Examine the SIM tray: Your iPhone 11’s SIM tray may also have the IMEI number printed on it.

It is crucial to maintain your IMEI number close to hand in case you need to use it later. If your smartphone is lost or stolen and you need to notify your carrier or law enforcement, having the IMEI number on hand can be helpful.

Can an iPhone 11’s IMEI be removed from the blacklist?

You can ask to have the IMEI taken off the blacklist. This usually entails contacting the carrier or the device’s original owner and establishing your ownership of the item. Alternately, you can quickly and permanently fix the blacklist issue on your smartphone by using UnlockMaker.