How to Easily Fix a Bad ESN on iPhone (Any Model)

Here is the definitive solution to clear an ESN number, no matter whether your blacklisted phone was reported lost or stolen, or the previous account holder has an outstanding balance, with UnlockMaker it will only take minutes to repair the device’s ESN.

If you are wondering how to Fix a Bad ESN on iPhone, in this informative article we will walk you through the process and will explain everything you need to know about ESN locks.

The Difference between an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) & IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

ESN stands for “electronic serial number” and IMEI stands for “international mobile equipment identity”.

Those two codes are very similar and are often confused because they both can be blacklisted, the difference is that each one of them works in different types of networks:

  • The ESN number works with CDMA phones (devices that use a CDMA network).
  • The IMEI number works with GSM phones (devices that use a GSM network).

Both the ESN and IMEI numbers are identifiers, those are like the ID for a cell phone, and you can know which phone uses which code because:

  • GSM devices (the ones that have IMEI) use a SIM card to get connected to the carrier’s network
  • CDMA phones (the ones that have ESN numbers) use different cellular networks that don’t require a SIM card.

If you have a bad ESN is because it was reported by one of the existing CDMA carriers to the blacklist database, this happens a lot to people who purchased used or second-hand phones and didn’t verify whether it was reported or not (and were not notified by the original account holder). Anyway, with UnlockMaker you won’t need to worry about this anymore.

Why would a Carrier Blacklist my Cell Phone’s ESN Number?

There are certain circumstances that lead a carrier to blacklist a mobile phone, and taking into account that the ESN is a unique electronic serial number, it makes sense that they report that number as blacklisted.

Reasons Why your iPhone is Blacklisted

A phone’s IMEI or ESN can be blacklisted mainly for the following reasons:

  • Lost or stolen phone: The device was reported stolen so the carrier locks it until the original owner gets it back.
  • Non-payment: If there is a remaining balance or the previous owner has unpaid bills, the device is locked until the account holder presents the corresponding no debts certification.
  • Illegal activity: If there was any kind of fraud or the charge made for the device is being disputed, the carrier blacklists the iPhone until the situation is cleared up.

How does a Bad ESN affect my Device’s Performance?

When you have a blacklisted phone, it has a connectivity restriction, this means that you will have a perfectly functional phone that cannot use any carrier network. This restriction to connect to CDMA networks will disable the device’s aptness to make or receive calls, use cellular data, to send or receive messages, among limitations.

If you are the new owner of this used device that happened to have a bad ESN, keep reading to see the instructions on how to fix it.

Is it Safe to Clear a Bad ESN?

It is completely safe, UnlockMaker is a trustworthy program and the blacklisted device won’t be affected in any way. It is not necessary to enter any of your passwords or private data to complete the removal process so you can rest assured that your information won’t be in danger to be stolen.

Reasons Why You Should Use UnlockMaker to Unlock your Device

Talking about the device’s features, after the blacklist removal process all its functions will be working as normal and the device won’t have any restrictions or limitations when connecting to cellular networks. It will work as new and you will be able to make and receive calls, connect the device to your carrier’s network, send and receive messages, and use mobile data.

The operating system of your Apple device won’t suffer any alteration or damage, the UnlockMaker doesn’t even access it, it just removes the ESN number from the blacklist database (which is an external process that doesn’t modify or affect the phone’s performance).

How to Fix a Bad ESN on iPhone with UnlockMaker

UnlockMaker can remove the locked ESN status of your iPhone in five easy steps. All you need is the device’s ESN number, and any device for you to access UnlockMaker’s website. The procedure will only take you approximately 15 minutes.

1st: Enter your Name and Email Address

Enter your Basic Info

By clicking here you will be taken to UnlockMaker’s Unlocking Software. To start the process, you must enter your Full Name and a Valid Email Address so that you receive the verification code when required.

2nd: Enter the Blacklisted Device’s Information

Enter your iPhone's Info

Select either iPhone or iPad as the type of device to be unlocked, and enter the IMEI or ESN number (the one that your phone uses).

3rd: Watch the Tutorial Video

Watch the Video-Tutorial

You will see a tutorial video on the screen, it is pretty self-explanatory and will guide you on how to complete the next steps. It is very important that you watch it to have the visual instructions for the authentication process. Remember to complete the reCAPTCHA validation.

4th: Authenticate your Identity

Sign Up for a Free Membership

Create an account and sign up for UnlockMaker’s free membership to continue with the process. When you create an account, you must complete an authentication process for UnlockMaker’s system to confirm that you are a real person and not a robot or virus.

If you are already a member and have your membership code, just enter it and continue with the unlocking process.

5th: Follow the Instructions to Clear the Bad ESN

UnlockMaker’s method is designed to identify specific phones and iOS versions so the process to unlock a bad ESN changes depending on the case, just follow the instructions and complete the process. The steps are easy to follow, so complete the process and enjoy your Unlocked iPhone in just a few minutes!

Your Blacklisted iPhone is Unlocked

If you need any help or have any technical questions, feel free to contact UnlockMaker’s customer service department to receive proper assistance. If you are already a member, you will have access to the company’s phone number for you to call and receive faster and more personalized help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most by our users about how to Easily Fix a Bad ESN on Any iPhone Model.

What is Bad ESN on iPhone?

Bad ESN on iPhone usually means you cannot activate your iPhone device on your current carrier.

What Causes Bad ESN on my iPhone device?

You have a Bad ESN on your iPhone because it has been reported stolen, or the owner has unpaid bills. If the device is involved in an illegal activity, the carrier may blacklist your iPhone until situation is cleared.

Will Bad ESN work on iPhone?

You can use your iPhone, but all related to your SIM Card won’t work such as receive and make calls and text messages or use cellular data.

Can you Use a Phone with a Bad ESN?

Yes, you can still open your iPhone even you have a Bad ESN. It’s just that if you have a Bad ESN on your device, you cannot activate your phone with the carrier. You are unable to connect to the internet or make calls.

How to Fix Bad ESN on iPhone?

There are several things that you can do to Fix Bad ESN on your iPhone. You may contact your carrier to Unblock your ESN or IMEI. If you want to Unlock your device Instantly, you may use UnlockMaker. This tool will help you fix your Bad ESN issue. All you need to provide is your phone’s ESN Number to access UnlockMaker Software. The Unlocking process will only take you 20 minutes max.